Institute for Environmental Medicine


John Morgan Building - Institute for Environmental Medicine

Institute for Environmental Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
One John Morgan Building
3620 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6068

How to get here:

  • Walking from within the main lobby of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (3400 Spruce Street), which is located off 34th Street and is also the drop-off for Hospital Valet Parking: Proceed up the escalator, one flight.
  • Continue forward toward an intersecting hallway (the admissions office is directly ahead).
  • Turn right and follow the hallway and signs leading to Rhoads Pavilion, until you reach the 3rd door on your left, exiting the building. You will now be on Hamilton Walk.
  • Turn right (west) onto Hamilton Walk, proceed past the intersecting walkway (36th Street Walk) to the entry of the Robert Wood Johnson Pavilion and turn left to enter the building.
  • Request entrance from the uniformed receptionist and proceed west, down the hallway into the John Morgan Building.
  • The Institute for Environmental Medicine is located at the 2nd door on your left, and the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy reception area is located at the 3rd door on your left.