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IFEM SEMINAR ROOM  - 1 John Morgan Building
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Seminar Archive

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Jan 25 2013 Avinash Chander, Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook – Stony Brook Medical Center Division of Neonatology Membrane Fusion in Lung Surfactant Secretion: Mechanism and Regulation of Annexin A7 Function ABF
Feb 1 David M. Eckmann, Ph.D., M.D. University of Pennsylvania Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Mechanical Excitation of Endothelial Cells: A Different Paradigm in Gas Embolism ABF
Mar 29 Christine T.N. Pham, M.D. Washington University - St. Louis Division of Rheumatology Anti-angiogenic nanotherapy for the treatment of inflammatory diseases VM
May 3 William Nauseef, M.D. University of Iowa - Roy J. and Lucille A Carver College of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine DUOX: a member of the NADPH oxidase protein family ABF
June 7 Jayaraj Rajagopal, M.D. Harvard Center for Regenerative Medicine iPS cells for Lung Disease SA
Oct 18 Jessica G. Moreland, M.D. The University of Iowa Department of Pediatrics Anti-inflammatory functions of NADPH oxidase 2: critical for homeostasis VM
Nov 22 Daeyeon Lee, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania Division of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering tba SC

 ...more to come!


Certain Seminars are:Sponsored by NRSA in Lung Cell and Molecular Biology (HL07748)
Co-sponsored by Program Project in Lung Cell and Molecular Biology (HL19737)
Co-sponsored by the NRSA in Respiratory Physiology (HL07027)
Co-sponsored by the SCOR in Acute Lung Injury (HL60290)