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Investigators in the Institute for Environmental Medicine have vigorous basic research programs with major themes related to oxidant stress and anti-oxidant defense, endothelial cell function including the role of stem cells, and lung surfactant metabolism. Clinical interests include wound healing, acute lung injury, and carbon monoxide poisoning. The range of research techniques and experimental approaches are extremely broad and include: protein expression; mouse transgenics; isolated organ perfusion; analytical biochemistry; microscopy (multiphoton) of living tissue; and primary cell isolation and culture.

Senior Investigators
Aron B. Fisher, MD Professor, Physiology & Environmental Medicine
Vladimir R. Muzykantov, MD, PhD Professor, Pharmacology & Medicine
Stephen R. Thom, MD, PhD Professor, Emergency Medicine

Sandra R. Bates, PhD Research Assistant Professor, Physiology
Shampa Chatterjee, PhD Research Assistant Professor, Physiology
Sheldon I. Feinstein, PhD Senior Research Investigator, IFEM
Robert Gelfand, MEE Assistant Director for Facilities, IFEM
Kevin Ross Hardy, MD Academic Clinical Assistant Professor,
Emergency Medicine
Shaohui (Jack) Huang, PhD Research Assistant Professor, Physiology
Suiping Zhou, PhD Senior Research Investigator, IFEM

Adjunct Investigators
Steven Albelda, MD Professor, Medicine
William Armstead, PhD Research Professor, Anesthesia and Critical Care
Michael F. Beers, MD Professor, Medicine
Melpo Christofidou-Solomidou, PhD Research Associate Professor, Medicine
Roderic G. Eckenhoff, MD Professor, Anesthesia
Susan Guttentag, MD Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Harry Ischiropoulos, PhD Research Professor, Pediatrics
J. Richard Landis, PhD Professor, Biostatistics & Epidemiology
Paul Lanken, MD Professor, Medicine
Nilam Mangalmurti, MD Instructor, Medicine
Susan Margulies, MD Professor, Bioengineering
Edward E. Morrisey, PhD Associate Professor, Medicine
Surafel Mulugeta, PhD Research Assistant Professor, Medicine
Henry Shuman, PhD Research Assistant Professor, Physiology
G. Scott Worthen, M.D. Professor, Pediatrics

Associates, Fellows, Graduate Students and Visiting Scientists
Elizabeth Browning, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow
Kevin Buford, MD Clinical Fellow
Ronald Carnemolla, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow
Ann Marie Chacko, PhD Post-Doctoral Researcher
James M. Clark, MD, PhD HBO Educator
Colin Greineder, MD Post-Doctoral Researcher
Jingyan Han, PhD Post-Doctoral Researcher
Elizabeth Hood, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow
Jawad Kassan, MD Clinical Fellow
Yu-Chin Lien, PhD Post-Doctoral Researcher
John Noel, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow
Rebecca Orndorff, Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Fellow
Hamid Rahaman, PhD Post-Doctoral Researcher
Blair Roszell, Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Fellow
Steve Wang, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow
Ming Yang, PhD Post-Doctoral Researcher
John Zagorski, PhD Research Associate
Blaine Zern, PhD Post-Doctoral Researcher

Research Support Staff
Veena Bhopale, PhD Research Specialist
Kristine DeBolt Research Specialist
Chandra Dodia, MSc Research Specialist (part time)
Donald Fisher Research Specialist
Ling Gao Research Specialist
Daniel Gonder Research Specialist
Nan Kang Hong, MD Research Specialist
Tatyana Milovanova, MD, PhD Sr. Research Investigator
Tea Shuvaeva, MS Research Specialist
Vladimir Shuvaev, PhD Sr. Research Investigator
Elena Sorokina, PhD Research Specialist
Jian-Qin Tao, MD Research Specialist
Samira Tliba Research Specialist
Zheng Xu (Susan) Research Technician
Kevin Yu, MD, MS Research Specialist
Li Zhang Research Specialist