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Patient Care

The Institute program in hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the only full-service hyperbaric medicine clinical program in the tri-state area. Professional consultation and supervision of therapy is provided by four staff physicians. The Institute maintains a cadre of chamber operators and in-chamber attendants to provide one to three scheduled elective "dives" per day and round-the-clock coverage for medical emergencies.

Staffing for critical care nursing and respiratory therapy is provided by arrangement with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The program currently administers more than 5,000 patient treatment hours of hyperbaric oxygen therapy per year to approximately 250 patients. The most common indications for patient referral are:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning/smoke inhalation.
  • Diving related emergencies (bends, air embolism).
  • Defective wound healing associated with vascular insufficiency.
  • Compromised skin graft or tissue flap.

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