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Core Facilities

The Institute maintains Core facilities for use by all Institute investigators. Facilities are open by arrangement for use by other members of the biomedical research community.

Environmental/Pressure Chamber Systems

  • Six interconnected man-rated chambers capable of simulating altitudes to 80,000 ft. and ocean depths to 2,000 ft. of sea water. Includes life support systems for extended residence in saturation exposures.
  • Mechanical and electronic instrumentation shops for maintenance of hyperbaric chamber systems and for maintenance, repair, modification and construction of research equipment.

Imaging and Microscopy Facility

  • Confocal and multiphoton light microscopy of living tissue.
  • Fluorescence microscopy for immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization.
  • Transmission electron microscopy including dedicated equipment for thick, thin and cryosections and autoradiography.

Cell Biology Laboratories

  • Facilities for isolation of lung epithelial and endothelial cells.
  • Cell culture facilities for primary culture and maintenance of cell lines.

Analytic Facility

  • General biochemical laboratory including spectrophotometers, spectrofluorometers, super speed and ultracentrifuges, scintillation and gamma spectrometers, protein electrophoresis equipment, high pressure liquid chromatograph, densitometric and radioactivity scanners, and static light scattering instrumentation.

Molecular Biology Laboratory

  • Recombinant DNA laboratory with facilities for identifying, isolating, growing and harvesting bacteria harboring recombinant plasmids or bacteriophage containing recombinant DNA.
  • Nucleic acid laboratory with facilities for labeling and analyzing nucleic acid by restriction digestions, gel electrophoresis, autoradiography and sequencing.

Data Processing

  • Computer hardware and software for data reduction, processing, and statistical analysis; text and image processing; remote data aquisition monitoring; data management; communications. Includes local intranet and external connectivity to the Internet.