Internal Medicine Residency

To increase diversity and foster a sense of unity in our hospital community we are active in a wide range of activities including:


Name Year Program
Daniel Cristancho PGY1 Preliminary
Ilton Cubero Salazar PGY1 Categorical
Marina Di Bartolo PGY1 Primary Care
Bryce Einhorn PGY1 Categorical
Nicole Ferrante PGY1 Categorical
Martin Harari PGY1 Categorical
Kyra Jefferson-George PGY1 Preliminary
Julian Rose PGY1 Categorical
Chandler Villaverde PGY1 Medicine-Pediatrics
Sarimer Sanchez PGY2 Categorical (Global Health)
Afeanyichukwu Anidi PGY3 Categorical
Chris Chesley PGY3Categorical
Sotonye Imadojemu PGY4 Medicine/Dermatology


Name Division
Edward Clermont Cardiology
Michelle Clermont Gastroenterology
Wisna Jean Infectious Disease
Tiffanie Jones Pulmonary
Nicole Maloney Belle Gastroenterology
Lauren Nephew Gastroenterology
Edmond Obeng Cardiology
Amanke Oranu Gastroenterology
Akinbowale Oyalowo Gastroenterology
Michael Rey Pulmonary
Hasina Outtz Reed Pulmonary
A. Garvey Rene Cardiology
Claudio Rivera Gastroenterology

Selected Faculty

Name Division
Faten Aberra Gastroenterology
Marietta Ambrose Cardiology
Francesca Engel General Internal Medicine
Shakira Grant Geriatrics
Aba Barden-Maja General Internal Medicine
Nadia Bennett General Internal Medicine
Rotanya Carr Gastroenterology
Horace Delisser Gastroenterology
Joyce Epelboim Sleep Medicine
Olajumoke Fadugba Allergy & Immunology
Kimberly Forde Gastroenterology
Carmen Guerra General Internal Medicine
Said Ibrahim General Internal Medicine
Jerry Johnson Geriatrics
Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla Hematology/Oncology
Hansie Mathelier Cardiology
Anthony Mato Hematology/Oncology
Rhondalyn McLean Cardiology
Frederick Nunes Gastroenterology
Octavia Pickett-Blakely Gastroenterology
Eduardo Rame Cardiology
Raymond Rodriguez Cardiology
Marisa Rogers General Internal Medicine
Kerri Akaya Smith Pulmonary
Pablo Tebas Infectious Diseases
Christina Twyman-St Victor Gastroenterology
Charmaine Wright General Internal Medicine