Internal Medicine Residency

2017-2018 Chief Residents

Rebecca Davis


I’m extremely excited to be joining Alex, Hari and Amy as a chief resident this year!

I am originally from Fairfield, CT but moved to Ambler, PA in high school and have been in the Philadelphia area ever since! I went to Penn for undergrad where I dual majored in Cognitive Science and Biology, with my senior thesis focused on how cow birds learn songs. After undergrad, I took a year out and worked in Dr. Josep Dalmau’s lab on autoimmune encephalitis (i.e. anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis and AMPA receptor encephalitis).

I then continued my Penn training at Perelman Medical School where I spent some time doing clinical research abroad as a Doris Duke Fellow. I returned from Barcelona excited to start my Internal Medicine/Primary Care residency. I’ve been here at Penn and in Philadelphia for MANY years and I have to say -- there’s no better place to be! I’ve lived all over the city and each neighborhood has something exciting and unique to offer...not to mention terrific food!

When I’m away from the hospital, I love to spend time outdoors -- hiking and birdwatching are favorites (old thesis habits die hard). I’m an avid ballet fan and frequent various dance performances as much as my time and wallet will allow. I’m also a huge classic film buff -- a habit encouraged by my husband who works in film.

Next year, I will be applying for jobs in primary care. I hope to continue my work with residents in the ambulatory setting and continue my research in medical education and optimizing management of high risk patients.

Alex Glaser

Maley I'm so excited to be one of the Internal Medicine Chief Residents for the 2017-2018 academic year! We have a great chief group, a supportive administration, and a wonderful residency-family; it's just going to be perfect.

I am originally from DC (yes actually in the city) and went to Middlebury College for undergrad. I was a math major, focusing on encryption and cyber security, but in a twist I decided to teach middle school in DC after college. Like all teachers, I can tell endless "kids say the darnedest thing stories" and will do so whenever given the opportunity. After teaching, I went to Duke University for med school and of course Penn for residency.

In my free time, my favorite activity is exploring new restaurants with my partner. Philly has an amazing restaurant scene with many Top Chef contestants and James Beard Awardees, so there's always something new to check out. Besides eating, I also enjoy doing any outdoor exercise, and one of my personal goals for chief year is to re-engage my artistic side.

After chief year, I will be looking for a career in academic general Internal Medicine, probably in a combined inpatient/outpatient setting. I love far to many areas of medicine to sub-specialize, and working with students and residents is my real passion! I plan to stay in the Philadelphia area for my next step; it's such a wonderful city, and is the real gem of the east coast, so if you're visiting plan to set aside time to explore!

Amy Korwin

Wu Hi! My name is Amy, and I am excited to be a chief resident at Penn alongside Becca, Hari, and Alex. I grew up in Woodbridge, CT which is a small town near New Haven, and then went to Brown for college and have been here at Penn since starting medical school in 2010. I have really enjoyed working and living in Philadelphia - it is a city that is big enough to have lots of awesome bars, restaurants, cultural events, concerts and more, but manages to be very affordable (even on a resident salary!). I lived in West Philly when I first got here and then moved east through grad hospital and center city, and along the way I found my amazing husband and our wonderful rescue dog. This past year we moved to NJ to accommodate another new family member, and now I am a proud (and perpetually spit-up-covered) new mom!

When I am not at work, I love to spend time outdoors and with my family. Distance running is one of my favorite hobbies, and I love listening to classic rock.

As far as next steps in my career, I am hoping to become a pulmonary and critical care doctor! I am excited to see what the next few years of training hold in store for me.

Hari Shankar

Wu I'm really excited to be one of the chiefs for the medicine program this year, along with Amy, Alex and Becca. I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio (which is at the very very southwestern tip of the state, just next to Kentucky) but I spent several years of my childhood in India before hopping back across the puddle to the US. I went to Duke University (Go Duke!!) and spent a lot of time volunteering on the campus ambulance squad, which is what got me interested in medicine. I moved to New York City for medical school at Mount Sinai after college- while I was there, I developed a love for global and immigrant health, and somehow wound up spending a whole year working with a hepatitis B prevention program that worked with African immigrants (and tried to teach myself French in the process- you be the judge of how successful I was). I moved to Philly for residency in 2014 not really knowing much about the city, but I've since grown to love it here!

When I'm not at work, I love generally being out and about in the city- checking out one of Philly's awesome vegetarian restaurants (Vedge, Charlie was a Sinner, the list continues to grow...), running and working out, and spending way too much of my time at the Tria in Fitler Square. When I'm not doing that, I've been known to experiment with the ice cream maker I got during residency, although I have to check myself because my addiction to ice cream knows no bounds.