Internal Medicine Residency


Thank you for your interest in the Internal Medicine training programs at the University of Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania Medical Center enjoys a rich history of leadership in academic and clinical medicine. The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine was established in 1765 as the nation's first school of medicine. The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania was built in 1874 as the nation's first hospital devoted to medical education. Our heritage is the cornerstone for our future and the legacy which supports our pursuit of the highest standards in education, research and patient care. For over 230 years, the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Medical Center and our Department of Medicine have continued to train the future leaders of American medicine. The Department of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania has had a long-standing commitment to excellence in postgraduate medical education. The faculty in the Department of Medicine includes over 400 full-time standing faculty and 100 fellows representing all of the specialties of Internal Medicine.

The philosophy of our training program is to provide a core curriculum designed to promote the acquisition of basic clinical competencies in internal medicine with subsequent tailoring of educational experiences to meet the individual and distinctive career objectives of our trainees. The program is designed to foster excellence in clinical skills and teaching, to promote basic science and clinical research, and to develop future academic opportunities for our trainees. The unique blend of trainee excellence, well-developed clinical and research programs in each of the subspecialties of Internal Medicine, extraordinarily rich clinical and research resources of the Medical Center and Universityon a single campus, and an attitude of interdisciplinary cooperation throughout the institution, create an overall environment that fosters an exciting and enjoyable learning experience.