Internal Medicine Residency

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do both the Global Health Equities Track and the Primary Care Program?

Yes. Both Categorical applicants and Primary Care applicants can apply to and join the Global Health Equities Track.

What about other tracks (Quality Initiatives, Physician Scientist, etc.)?

No. Unfortunately, residents can only participate in a maximum of one track.

How many residents do you accept?

The Global Health Equities Track can accept a maximum of four Internal Medicine residents (from either the Categorical or Primary Care programs) each year. One Med/Peds resident may also join the track during intern year through a separate application process.

How do I apply to the Global Health Equities Track?

Applications will be circulated with Internal Medicine and Med-Peds residents during November/December of their intern year. Interested residents complete a brief application and interview with track faculty. We offer up to 4 spots in the track to Internal Medicine residents in either the Primary Care or Categorical program and another 1 spot to a Med-Peds resident. Residents who are interested in global health but are not formally in the track are still able to participate in the majority of the components of the track through their elective time (including the two week global health course, electives at local community-based clinics, and an abroad rotation in Botswana) even if we are not able to accept them in the Track.

I have worked internationally in another location, can I work there instead?

Penn has a strong commitment to building deep, multidisciplinary partnerships with a small number of international partners. While some residency programs allow residents to build their own rotations, we strongly believe in longitudinal partnerships. We therefore are not able to support residents to travel to locations outside of where we currently have partnerships, i.e. Botswana, the Dominican Republic, the Indian Health Service, and EGPAF/health policy. This allows our partner sites to maintain some continuity, and build from prior experiences.

Great, how do I apply to the Global Health Equities Track?

Applications will be circulated in the fall/winter of intern year and can be returned to Sue Giangrasso, our track administrator.