Internal Medicine Residency

Global Rotations


Princess Marina Hospital, Gaborone

Over the past decade, Penn has developed a strong relationship with the Princess Marina Hospital, the Ministry of Health in Botswana, and the University of Botswana to provide medical education and direct patient care. Resident responsibilities will include direct clinical care of patients in Princess Marina Hospital, a busy public hospital in the capital, Gaborone. Residents will be expected to help with intern and medical student education and supervision. A major goal of the Penn-Botswana partnership is to build sustainable, quality health education and work with health providers and the government of Botswana to strengthen health care at Princess Marina Hospital.

Please see the Botswana UPenn Partnership website for additional details

Indian Health Service (IHS), Navajo Health

Tsehootsooi Medical Center in Fort Defiance, Arizona

Our resident elective rotation at the Tsehootsooi Medical Center in Fort Defiance, AZ is an exciting addition to our experiences in Global Health at Penn. Understanding that global health is in our backyard, this rotation provides the unique opportunity to work with a culturally rich Navajo population with staggering health disparities within our own borders. A large number of patients deal with challenging psychosocial factors and may not have electricity, running water, indoor plumbing or transportation. In addition to the privilege of working with Navajo patients, the rotation allows residents to explore future job opportunities. Already, 2 of our recent graduates have jobs with the Indian Health Service. This opportunity is open to Global Health and Primary Care residents.

“Ft. Defiance strives for full-spectrum quality care using a culturally competent, interdisciplinary approach. Providers manage a variety of common illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. In addition, there is a high incidence of inflammatory arthritis, interstitial lung disease and other diseases specific to the population, including infectious diseases such as Hanta Virus, Bubonic Plague, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Tuberculosis. Specialty clinics in Cardiology, Pulmonology, HIV, Hepatitis C/GI, local jail and a special needs group home are all available on site. In-house specialist including General Surgery, ENT, Optometry, Dentistry, Orthopedics, OG/GYN, Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine are available for immediate consultation. There is a team of social workers and mental health specialists, public health nursing, Community Health Aides, Home-based Care services, Rehabilitation (Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists), Diabetes Educators, Pharmacists, Dietician/Nutritionist and Wellness/Fitness Specialists available for consult. Also on site, is an innovative Adolescent Care Unit, which is an inpatient psychiatric unit for Native American Youth with the emphasis on Traditional, Cultural Healing in conjunction with Psychiatry, group, individual and family therapy. Lastly, there are designated hotlines in place to major universities and participating institutions for phone consults with sub-specialists in the management of complex patients. Our goal is to provide excellent care with cultural and community awareness.”

Dominican Republic (For Med/Peds Residents)


In partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Global Health Programs, GHE residents in combined Medicine and Pediatrics may rotate in the clinics affiliated with CHOP’s Global Health Programs in the Dominican Republic, which include time in the clinics of Niños Primeros en Salud in Consuelo; outreach efforts with Haïtian migrants in the sugar cane bateyes with Medicines for Humanity; and time in a community-based HIV clinic at La Romana.

Please see the CHOP Global Health Center website for additional details on Niños Primeros en Salud
And their partners - Clinica de Familia and - Medicines for Humanity