Internal Medicine Residency

About Our Graduates


Name Graduation Year Post-Graduate Position
David Caron 2008 Med-Peds Private Practice
Jasmine Karalakulasingam 2008 Med-Peds Academic Primary Care
The Don Hoskins Fellowship in Quality and Patient Safety
Kitty O'Hare 2008 Med-Peds Academic Primary Care
Manisha (Shanbhag) Patel 2008 Pediatric Cardiology
Jeff Miller 2009 CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service
Rita Cuthbertson Ramos 2010 Med-Peds Hospitalist
Camille Henry 2010 Med-Peds Primary Care
Sophia Hussen 2010 Adult and Adolescent Infectious Disease
Shreya Kangovi 2010 Former RWJ Clinical Scholar
Academic General Medicine
Daria Chacon 2011 Med-Peds Primary Care
Alison Culyba 2011 Adolescent Medicine
Ben D'Souza 2011 Adult Cardiology and Electrophysiology
Dava Szalda 2011 Former Med-Peds Chief Resident
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Jesse Wenger 2012 PICU Fellowship
Dave Holtzman 2012 Adult Infectious Disease
Surya Mundluru 2012 Orthopedic Surgery Resident
Parker Hudson 2012 Former Med-Peds Chief Resident
Adult Infectious Disease
Ryan McAuley 2013 Adult Oncology Hospitalist
Doctors without Borders
Hillary Dunlevy 2013 Adult Infectious Disease
Sural Shah 2013 Kraft Fellowship in Community Health Leadership
Laura Dingfield 2013 Med-Peds Chief Resident; Adult Palliative Care
Barry Rothschild 2014 Pediatric Critical Care Medicine fellowship
Shelton Wright 2014 PICU Fellowship
Elaina Tully 2014 Med-Peds Chief Resident
Stephanie Ruffolo 2014 Peds Hospitalist
Moonjoo Han 2015 PICU Fellowship
Adam Small 2015 Adult Cardiology Fellowship
Jonathan Ludmir 2015 Adult Cardiology Fellowship
Kea Gilbert 2015 Med-Peds Hospitalist