Internal Medicine Residency

Medicine-Pediatrics Combined Program

Charmaine Wright Dr. Charmaine Wright is one of the program directors of the med-peds program. She grew up in Illinois, then went to Harvard for college and medical school. She completed her residency in internal medicine and pediatrics at Harvard's Combined Med-Peds program and was selected chief her final year. During residency, she nurtured her interest in maternal-child health and nutrition throughout the lifespan. She completed a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program and Masters in Health Policy Research at the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently an Assistant Professor at Penn. She works to understand the associations that exist between pregnancy behaviors, mother and child, and designs family weight loss interventions with and for vulnerable communities. She is a past Associate Program Director of Penn's Med-peds program and current mother of 2: Lydia 3yrs, and Luke 22 months. Current out-of-the-hospital activities include eating at Philadelphia's fabulous BYOB's with husband Sean at a ridiculously early time, acquiring baby sitter for said dinner, hiding her son's pacifier as she attempts to wean him from it, teaching her daughter about early 90's fashion and TV shows, and phone conversations with her large extended Jamaican family who always remind her that academic medicine is great, but that making an Olympic track team would be even better.

Stephen Ludwig Dr. Stephen Ludwig is co-director of the Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Program. Dr. Ludwig is a Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at the University and the Designated Institutional Official at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Ludwig’s career has been multi-faceted including being one of the founders of the field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and holder of certification #001. He was also one of the early pioneers in the newest pediatric subspecialty has received numerous awards and recognition for his work including election to the Institute of Medicine, the prestigious St. Geme Award for leadership in the field of pediatrics, and several University based teaching awards. Steve has been married for forty-two years and he and his wife, Zella, have three daughters and son-in-laws and one grandson, Jack, who rocks their world. In his free time he enjoys photography, gardening, writing short stories, eating in restaurants, and the Phillies. Having grown up in Philly and lived here for more than thirty-five years, they love the city and think it’s the best place in the world to live. Holding many administrative titles Steve still spends 40% of his time providing clinical care in the Emergency Department, on the pediatric inpatient units, and as a primary care practitioner. Patient care and tending about patient care are his most valued activities.

Oana Oana is one of the program's Core Factulty. She has lived in several places on the East Coast, settling down in Philadelphia in 1995, when she came to Penn for medical school. She has lived in almost every section of the city, and now calls the Jersey suburbs her home. She trained in Primary Care Internal Medicine (here at Penn) and then pursued a fellowship in Adolescent Medicine (here at CHOP). One of her clinical interests is healthcare transitions of young adults with special health care needs and she practices primary care Internal Medicine on the adult side and Adolescent Medicine on the pediatric side. Another interest is medical education and much of her time is spent teaching at all levels of medical training. For the Med/Peds program, she oversees the general curriculum and the outpatient Internal Medicine clinic. She is passionate about the importance of self-care among healers and balances her non-working time with activities such as photography, gardening, photographing her garden, doing yoga, practicing different forms of meditation and trying to be a good wife and step-mom to 2 (almost grown up) sons.

Chadwick Johr Dr. Chadwick Johr is a rheumatologist, general internist, pediatrician and enthusiast of medical education. He went to Penn State for medical school, Brown for residency, and the University of Iowa for fellowship, where he stayed for a few years prior to joining the faculty here at the University of Pennsylvania. Aside from supporting our med-peds residents, Chad enjoys attending on the general medicine wards and caring for rheumatology patients as a co-director of the Penn Sjogren’s Syndrome Center. He is also excited about building his new young adult rheumatology transitional clinic but has yet to give it a formal name since “YART clinic” just doesn’t sound quite right. When not teaching learners about the wonders of methotrexate, Chad can be found beating residents and fellows at various “euro-style” board games, running up and down the Schuylkill river trail, learning Turkish on his iPhone, playing guitar, and trying not to spend his life savings eating out at all of the ridiculously delicious restaurants Philadelphia has to offer.

Laura Dingfield Laura Dingfield is the 2013-2014 med-peds chief resident. She was born and raised in Michigan, and spent her early years playing tennis and perfecting her penmanship. She escaped the frigid cold to attend college at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, where she majored in Molecular Biology and cultivated an appreciation for country music. She returned to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for medical school (Go Blue!), where she spent significant time with various campus and community service organizations, and performed research on disparities in healthcare. She decided to pursue residency in med-peds because she was drawn to caring for adolescents with chronic illnesses. She chose to complete her residency training at Penn and CHOP because of the strong clinical training offered in both medicine and pediatrics, the excellent faculty mentoring available, and the collegial atmosphere among the residents. After her chief year, Laura will be staying on as a fellow in Hospice and Palliative Medicine at Penn. She envisions an academic career in palliative care, and hopes to split her time between clinical care and research. In her free time, Laura enjoys running and playing tennis with her husband, Mark, cooking, traveling, and enjoying all of the delicious restaurants in Philadelphia.