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Medical School Perelman School of Medicine
What Drew you to Program There were two main factors which really got me excited about IM residency at HUP. The first was the diversity of patients and illnesses that we encounter. There is rarely a dull day given the complex and interesting patients that find their way to HUP. Secondly, the quality of teaching at all levels of the program is rich, organized, and high-yield. For example, case presentations are never just an interesting case summaries- they are a springboard for larger scale teaching, such as an organized approach to given differential diagnosis. There is a clear culture of everyone being both a teacher and a learner and working to contribute to overall knowledge which I have found very rewarding!
What do you Love About the Program I really enjoy working with my co-residents. I’m very fortunate to be a part of such a genuine, friendly, intelligent, and fun group of people. Having an awesome and supportive group of co-workers helps me manage the stresses inherent in a resident’s busy schedule.
Career Interests Infectious Disease
What do you Love About Philly I’m from a small town and moving to Philly was a big adjustment, but I have been pleasantly surprised in may ways. First, Philly is a densely-packed city, which means it is walkable and tends to be very easy to visit friends, get to work, or go out for food or entertainment. In fact, you can easily walk/ bike to almost anywhere in Philadelphia; its a very manageable city. Fairmont Park just north of University City, is also an unsung gem with rolling meadows, sports fields, hiking, and bike trials. It’s a very reachable escape from the hustle of the city.



Medical School Drexel Univesity College of Medicine
What Drew you to Program The balance between support from the program leadership and clinical exposure/workload was the most important factor to me and Penn seemed like the best combination of these two.  At many other similarly rigorous programs they seemed to sacrifice some element of support/wellness but this really isn't the case at Penn. 
What do you Love About the Program Most of all I love the people I work with.  They have done such a great job of recruiting a wonderful mix of personalities from all different backgrounds and parts of the country/world.  We all work hard but I love going to work each day (some more than others of course).
Career Interests Pulmonary/Critical Care
What do you Love About Philly As a Philadelphia native I can say without bias that I love everything about this city. The restaurant/food scene is unrivaled in its quality and affordability (e.g. BYOs).  It's a beautiful, extremely walkable city with two rivers and countless parks.  To me it has all the benefits of east coast, big city life but is much more livable. 



Medical School University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
What Drew you to Program I remember sitting in resident report on my interview day and marveling at the engagement, curiosity and outstanding knowledge base of our residents. It was clear that they were constantly striving to learn so that they could better take care of their patients. I clearly looked up to them from day one and knew that I would be well trained here.
What do you Love About the Program I feel incredibly supported by the administration. I've already seen changes made in the short time that I've been here to respond to feedback from residents. Equally important, I feel constantly supported by my co-residents. If things are slow on one service, residents are constantly floating to other parts of the hospital to offer to help with procedures, etc. on other services. 
Career Interests Oncology, Palliative Care
What do you Love About Philly I love the walkability and bike-ability of the city. I live in Fitler Square and can easily walk to anything I'd like to do in center city, and work is a 7 minute bike ride away in the mornings. After growing up in Wisconsin and being car dependent for the vast majority of my life, I love the density, the feel, and the energy of Philly's historic neighborhoods. Philly is also incredibly affordable, even compared to Chicago, which isn't known for being particularly expensive. Finally, I love the food. There are tons of great, independent restaurants to explore. 



Medical School Perelman School of Medicine
What Drew you to Program Being a Perelman (Penn) medical student, I became familiar with the faculty and the camaraderie. I knew it would be a perfect place to pursue training.
What do you Love About the Program Penn has incredible research opportunities and physician-scientist advisors to guide me in this path.
Career Interests I hope to be in academia but am still working out how to balance the excitement of pipetting in basic science with the thrill of writing discharge summaries.
What do you Love About Philly The city is full of TNTC festivals, restaurants, pop-up bars, concerts and struggling sports teams. It's a lively place to live.



Medical School Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
What Drew you to Program I was a visiting student and was so impressed with the camaraderie I saw among the residents
What do you Love About the Program

Not only am I challenged and feel myself growing as a clinician because of the high-caliber training we get, but I smile every single day because of my colleagues

Career Interests Hematology/oncology, medical education
What do you Love About Philly Seriously the food here is fantastic, and the big parks make for great picnic spots!



Medical School Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
What Drew you to Program Clinical autonomy, friendly residents, and committed leadership 
What do you Love About the Program Strong emphasis on medical education, subspecialty experiences in every field, work-life balance, and genuine resident camaraderie
Career Interests Medical education, quality improvement, and fellowship training in pulmonary/critical care or cardiology
What do you Love About Philly The food trucks on Spruce Street, pop-up gardens, Rittenhouse square, and endless dining options -- all within walking distance 



Medical School Perelman School of Medicine (Penn)
What Drew you to Program As a student on medicine electives, I was impressed by the residents I worked with. I felt strongly they were the type of doctors I wanted to be. More than anything, it was the people that drew me to the program. My co-residents and program leadership are smart, caring, collaborative and motivated.
What to you Love About the Program My co-residents and the program leadership are smart, caring, collaborative and motivated
Career Interests I am most interested in women's health and cardiology. At this point, I am aiming to become the best internal medicine doctor I can be, so I can live up to the residents I observed during my time in school.
What do you Love About Philly Philadelphia was originally a by-product of coming to Penn, but I learned that I was wrong to think this way! I love living in Philly; there's always a lot going on, easy access to outdoor and athletic activities, free events, and some of the most persistent sports fans I've ever met.



Medical School The Ohio State University College of Medicine
What Drew you to Program The program's balance between autonomy and support on the wards, the strong didactics and the amazing research opportunities.  On my interview day, I gained a sense that residents are never working or worrying alone, and this has held true throughout my time at Penn thus far. 
What do you Love About the Program My co-residents! I am blessed to work with such an intelligent, supportive, caring, competent and fun group of people everyday.
Career Interests Academic liquid oncology
What do you Love About Philly I love running along the Schuylkill River, visiting my favorite coffee shop (La Colombe) or bakery (Bakeshop on 20th), or enjoying a meal at one of the many amazing restaurants. 



Medical School Emory Medical School
What Drew you to Program I was drawn to Penn Medicine's focus on education. Both on the wards and in the classroom, residents and attendings are interested in learning and sharing knowledge. This culture leads to an awesome working environment
What do you Love About the Program My co-residents and the people I work with everyday.
Career Interests She is undecided on a specialty, but hopes to work with patients mainly in the outpatient setting and to focus on medical education in the changing world of healthcare.
What do you Love About Philly She loves to hang out with her fellow residents in Philly--visiting the various museums and state parks in the area.