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Medical School Boston School of Medicine
What Drew you to Program The ability to work in a variety of different hospital systems with an emphasis on both inpatient and outpatient clinical experiences, the strong focus on resident education and career development, and the clear sense of team-work and camaraderie throughout the entire program.
What do you Love About the Program Having the opportunity to work so closely with my amazing co-residents who are among the most fun, humble and supportive people I know.
Career Interests Hematology/Oncology
What do you Love About Philly The amazing restaurant scene



Medical School Pereleman School of Medicine
What Drew you to Program

I knew I wanted to be at a program that served a medically and socially complex patient population, combined autonomy and independence with the appropriate degree of supervision and had an overall atmosphere of support and camaraderie. As a medical student here I saw that the medicine residents were self-assured, capable of handling anything that came their way clinically and, on top of it all, friendly and fun. Additionally, I wasn't sure what I was going to specialize (or not) in and wanted a program that provided every opportunity I could think of!

What do you Love About the Program

This is going to be the same answer that likely everyone gave but it's of course the people that I love best. I love getting to work with my best friends and being able to have fun even on the toughest of rotations because you've always got a friend there with you. Some of the most interesting, intelligent, motivated, kind and caring people I have met have been in residency.

Career Interests Pulmonary Critical Care +/- Pulmonary Hypertension
What do you Love About Philly

The food scene (barbuzzo, zahav to name a few), the accessibility (you can walk or bike across the entire city no problem), all the various festivals and food markets and weekend events, and finally the Schuylkill river trail (amazing for biking and running!).




Medical School Baylor School of Medicine
What Drew you to Program I loved that Penn was involved in very advanced therapies while still being committed to serving the local population of West Philly. Also, my interview with Todd Barton (way back before he was program director!) was a big factor in me choosing Penn.
What do you Love About the Program I love that the hospital is run by the residents overnight but every attending still invites us to call them if we need help.
Career Interests
I plan to join the Peace Corps or MSF after residency, and am considering a career in Infectious Disease.
What do you Love About Philly I live a very comfortable life on a resident salary in Philly and everything I want/need is in walking distance!



Medical School Temple University School of Medicine
What Drew you to Program The diversity of clinical experiences and patient populations, the collegial and supportive culture among the residents, and program leadership that was so committed to resident well-being and education.
What do you Love About the Program The people! (Cliche, I know, but it's the truth!)
Career Interests Cardiology (more specifically heart failure/transplant) with interests in translational research and medical education.
What do you Love About Philly I've lived in multiple east cost cities, and Philadelphia has so much to offer with a very reasonable cost of living. I am a foodie, and Philadelphia has an INCREDIBLE restaurant scene, but my favorite thing about Philadelphia is the many pop-up beer gardens in the spring/summer months!


Medical School Georgetown Medical School
What Drew you to Program I came to Penn because I was really excited about Penn's commitment to innovation, emphasis on resident autonomy, and overall, the culture of the program, which is very team-oriented and supportive.
What do you Love About the Program Most of us will tell you that the favorite thing about our program is the residents, which might sound cheesy, but really, it's true, they are fantastic. I'm also in the Healthcare Quality/Leadership track (which was another big draw to Penn), where I work with MICU leadership to optimize efficiency in the ICU unit and improve outcomes in critical care.
Career Interests I plan to apply to fellowship in Pulmonary/Critical Care.
What do you Love About Philly I can bike almost everywhere and there is a thriving restaurant scene. My husband and I take full advantage of being so close to the Jersey shore, driving out to the beach and getting fresh produce from local area farms. We really enjoy Schuylkill Banks for running, walking our dog, and outdoor movies in the summer.



Medical School Washington University School of Medicine 
What Drew you to Program

Opportunity to work in multiple hospitals (HUP, VA, Presby) to get a diverse and rigorous training.  The camaraderie  that was evident among residents during the interview process.

What do you Love About the Program

My co-residents are some of the most accomplished and supportive colleagues one would want during a challenging experience. Also the autonomy to develop your clinical skills yet feel completely supported.

Career Interests Academic cardiology.
What do you Love About Philly

Plenty of cultural, culinary and entertainment offerings of a big city but quite affordable and easy to get around. Currently a homeowner in the ever-growing Graduate Hospital neighborhood and get to work by walking, biking, taking public transit or car pooling with my wife, depending on our schedules.



Medical School Perelman School of Medicine
What Drew you to Program The evident camaraderie fostered among residents and the myriad educational opportunities played a large part in my decision to attend Penn for residency.
What do you Love About the Program The collegiality among the housestaff, the teaching and opportunities to conduct research.
Career Interests Medical Education
What do you Love About Philly Between the acres of green space along the rivers and the small neighborhoods scattered amidst the city, Philadelphia has something for everyone. Each neighborhood - Northern Liberties, University City, Passyunk, Queen Village, Old City - has its own parks, galleries, restaurants, and stores with unique offerings.



Medical School Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
What Drew you to Program Emphasis on education and welcoming culture
What do you Love About the Program Collegial atmosphere between housestaff and world experts in their fields plus the support of the internal medicine program leadership
Career Interests General Internal Medicine, medical education
What do you Love About Philly With the beautiful scenery along the Schuylkill River Trail (recently ranked #1 urban running trail in America), the fun and quirky activities that abound, the delicious dining options, and its prime location on the Eastern Seaboard, it's no wonder that Philadelphia was just awarded the distinction of best place to visit in the United States (https://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-us).



Medical School Tulane University School of Medicine 
What Drew you to Program I was drawn to Penn by the high quality and depth of the clinical experiences and opportunities for QI and research. 
What do you Love About the Program What I love most about the program is my co-residents. I feel lucky to work with such a supportive group of people and to call them friends. 
Career Interests I am applying in pulmonary and critical care medicine. I have an interest in Quality/Safety/Value work and have been lucky to be a part of the QI track as a resident. 
What do you Love About Philly I love the easygoing but cosmopolitan nature of Philadelphia. I am able to access everything that interests me- good food, music, activities all within a few small miles. I love being able to bike through the city and its also great living close to most of my co-residents.


Medical School Johns Hopkins Medical School
What Drew you to Program

The people! Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. In addition, the 6+2 setup with a dedicated outpatient didactic curriculum provides a basis for fantastic training in both inpatient and outpatient medicine. 

What do you Love About the Program

It's inspiring to work side by side with my co-residents, who are all extremely smart, dedicated, and talented physicians. 

Career Interests

I am planning to go into academic primary care, with an interest in longitudinal care planning and inter-visit care. 

What do you Love About Philly

Philly is an easy, walkable city with a wide variety of great restaurants, bars, and other activities. I have a 15 minute walk to work and along the way I pass two coffee shops, a grocery store, a liquor store, and five restaurants! 



Medical School Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
What Drew you to Program As an undergraduate, I fell in love with both Penn and the city of Brotherly Love.  Penn became my first choice almost instantaneously - a seamless fit, combining a rigorous program with supportive feel, in a city that has the perfect balance of vibrancy, manageability and charm.
What do you Love About the Program My co-residents - It is a testament to the program for finding an impressive group of fun, collaborative, brilliant, genuine and passionate doctors.  You could not ask for a better group of people to share long, arduous days and nights with, and no more fun a group to enjoy a post-call beer.
Career Interests Applying for Cardiology fellowship
What do you Love About Philly Amazing food scene, including hundreds of BYO restaurants, the Barnes Museum, Reading Terminal Market, summer beer gardens, walking the city end to end in 45 minutes.


Medical School Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University
What Drew you to Program

The fact that it is a rigorous training program with a lot of structure, but built into that structure there was flexibility to explore career interests.  The 6+2 is a major plus! I was also drawn to the strong mentorship from the program leadership and faculty members.

What do you Love About the Program The supportive atmosphere and environment created by my co-residents and the program leadership.  There is a true sense of collegiality and teamwork. 
Career Interests I am applying to a fellowship in Infectious Diseases, and am interested in Transplant ID.
What do you Love About Philly I love the food! There is a vibrant restaurant scene and I am always trying new restaurants with friends.  I’ve barely gone to the same restaurant twice!