Barbara A. Bernhardt, MS, CGC

For over 20 years, Ms. Bernhardt has conducted research relating to clinical genetics, genetics counseling, and the ethical, legal and social implications of genetic technologies. She has researched the economics of providing genetics services, including methods of billing, level of reimbursement, factors influencing coverage of genetics services, and the economic impact of genetics services on an academic medical center. She has also evaluated the delivery of genetics services and factors that influence the utilization of genetics services and tests. Ms. Bernhardt has been an investigator on many NIH-funded projects that have explored both qualitatively and quantitatively:

  • Diffusion of new genetic technologies
  • Informed consent
  • Consumer and provider knowledge of and attitudes towards genetics and genetic testing
  • Methods of delivering and evaluating genetic services
  • Patient-provider communication

Ms. Bernhardt's current research projects include analysis of the clinical utility of genetic testing, assessment of public misperceptions of genomic testing for susceptibility to common complex diseases and an exploration of the distress experienced by genetic service providers in the course of providing patient care.