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Research Day 2007

Austrian Awards for Junior Faculty

in Bench Research, Jonathan S. Maltzman
"SLP-76 is Required for Perforin-Mediated Cytotoxic T lymphocyte Function"

in Evaluative Research, Jeremy M. Kahn
"The Association Between Intensivist Physician Staffing and the Process of Care in Academic Medical Centers"

in Patient-Oriented Research, Michael R. Rickels
"Effect of GLP-1 on ß- and a-cell Function in Isolated Islet and Whole Pancreas Transplant Recipients"

Bradley Awards for Fellows, Research Associates and Post-docs

in Bench Research, Mark Y. Chiang
"Sporadic Notch1 mutations found in human T-ALL drive T cell development but not leukemogenesis in murine models: implications for T- ALL pathogenesis and gamma-secretase inhibitor (GSI) therapy"

in Evaluative Research, Alec Platt
"Prospective Assessment of Risk Factors for Warfarin Nonadherence: the Program for the Reduction In Medical Errors (PRIME) Study"

in Patient-Oriented Research, Chirag Shah
"Reducing Bias in Acute Lung Injury Classification in Observational Studies"

Holmes Awards for Residents and Students

in Bench Research, Jennifer Oliver-Krasinski
"Pdx1 specifies pancreatic islet progenitors via direct regulation of Neurogenin3"

in Evaluative Research, Amol Navathe
"Are Teaching Hospitals Even Better Than We Think?"

in Patient-Oriented Research, Stephen Liu
"Outpatient autologous stem cell transplants for selected patients with myeloma: morbidity, mortality, and duration of hospitalization"



Holmes Award winner in evaluative Research, Amol Navathe

Mike Rickels presents his Austrian Award-winner in patient-oriented research

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