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REMINDER: Business Meals


Acceptable reasons for local business meals include meals with a guest speaker, lecturer or recruits for prospective faculty, staff or students. These meals should be limited in terms of number of attendees and total cost.


The cost of these meals should not exceed $35 per person for lunch or $80 per person for dinner (including alcohol, taxes and gratuities). Meals exceeding those limits will need approval.


Neurology Business Office Personnel

  • Christine Zay (PSOM)
    Administrative and Finance Officer

    Responsibilities: Oversees University Finances and staffing, onboarding new faculty, Concur Non-Grant Account Approver, Monitors monthly non-grant account reports, Dept./School/University Liaison, Annual Budget

  • Demetrius Wylie (PSOM)
    Grant Manager - Pre-Award and Post Award

    Responsibilities: Pre- and Post- Award: NCC, NeuroMuscular, Movement, CHOP, General, Epilepsy

  • Meridith Plenn (PSOM)
    Grant Manager - Pre-Award and Post Award

    Responsibilities: Pre- and Post- Award: Cognitive, MS, PMC

  • Becky Cheyney (PSOM)
    Grants Coordinator Pre-Award and Post Award

    Responsibilities: Provides Pre- and Post-Award: Sleep, Stroke; also supports Grant Managers, places Purchasing Card transactions

  • Anthony Banks (PSOM)
    HR Coordinator

    Responsibilities: Manage the hiring process, enters/approves staff postings, onboard new staff, add new hires to PennWorks, visas for staff, weekly payroll time reporting, advise staff of Concur best practices

  • Chardae Whiting (PSOM)
    Financial Coordinator

    Responsibilities: Prepare/Review PDA forms, Concur Reviewer, runs and distributes non-grant account reports, financial support to AFO

  • Adam Spengler (HUP)
    Director of Finance - Neurology

    Responsibilities: Supervises monthly financial operations, leads strategic and financial planning for the Department, responsible for the annual operating budget, provides appropriate internal controls and stewardship of assets

  • Sean Maher (HUP)
    Financial Analyst

    Responsibilities: Provides financial support for the Department, actively supports strategic and financial planning for the Department, responsible for financial analysis activities and supporting monthly financial operations, monitor PEA accounts

  • Sunitha Batchu-Vara (HUP)
    Manager of External Contracts

    Responsibilities: Management of billing and accounting functions of new and existing contracts with outside partners, supervising the onboarding process for contracted services, management of external co-op training agreements, supervises the accounting of clinical trial operations