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Outpatient Clinic

Residents are responsible for at least one outpatient clinic per week (Resident's Clinic or subspecialty clinic) at HUP throughout their residency, except when on vacation. All clinics at HUP occur in a modern facility staffed by medical assistants and administrative staff, who schedule appointments and tests and obtain referrals and insurance authorizations. Specialized neuro-ophthalmology examination rooms and computerized imaging systems are on-site. The electronic medical record directly interfaces with the rest of the hospital system.

While at CHOP, residents participate in at least one pediatric neurology outpatient clinic per week. Senior residents on elective have two clinics per week.

During subspecialty clinics, residents see private patients referred to the faculty. These patients are presented to the faculty after they are evaluated by the resident; further follow-up care and disposition are the responsibility of the attending.

During Resident's Clinic, the resident sees his/her own patients and follow-ups. All patients are presented to and evaluated with the clinic attendings. Each resident's clinic has a broad mix of patients, including general neurological problems and complex diseases. Patients are seen in follow up from hospitalization at Penn and in consultation from referring physicians both inside and outside the Penn system.