Penn Medicine Neuroscience Center

About the Center

About the Penn Medicine Neuroscience Center

The Penn Medicine Neuroscience Center (PMNC) at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and Health System was created in 2006 to integrate and strengthen Penn’s interdisciplinary, world-class neuroscience programs in patient care, research, and education

The PMNC promotes collaborations among clinical specialists, basic science and clinical researchers, and the educators who train the future generations of neuroscience physicians and scientists.  The PMNC supports the practice of translational medicine in which ground-breaking research is moved from the laboratory into clinical trials and, ultimately, into clinical practice to benefit patients.

Students and trainees who learn in this interactive setting gain new knowledge, as well as an appreciation for the advantages of working in an intense collaborative and interdisciplinary clinical and scientific environment.

Why the Penn Medicine Neuroscience Center was Established
Penn Medicine's strengths in the neurosciences are widely and frequently acknowledged by outside experts, and by those who use our services. As stand-alone units, our member departments, centers and institutes as well as our individual faculty have earned stellar reputations.

The clinicians, researchers, and educators in Penn Medicine's neuroscience programs already interact extensively on many interdisciplinary projects, but there is always need for even more collaboration to solve complex issues in contemporary medicine and science. “Standing alone” is no longer sufficient to ensure excellence at a time when advances in medicine and science are occurring rapidly and the borders among historically distinct clinical and basic research neuroscience disciplines are blurring.

In short, the PMNC represents a model for integrated clinical care, research, and education.  It encourages interdisciplinary thinking and unites a diverse group of clinicians, researchers, and educators through a unifying vision, strategic thinking, program development, and shared resources.