Penn Medicine Neuroscience Center

Education & Training

Education and Training

Penn's outstanding education and training programs in the neurosciences for physicians, nurses, other health care professionals, medical students, residents and fellows, graduate (PhD) students, and University undergraduates are renowned both nationally and internationally. Increasing numbers of trainees, all with exceptional credentials, are drawn to the individual neuroscience disciplines, often due to the significant clinical and research training opportunities available at the University of Pennsylvania.

Medical residents and trainees are attracted to the strong interdisciplinary and disease-focused approach of the programs at Penn. ACGME-accredited training is offered in neuro-related fields through each of the PMNC member academic medical departments and divisions.

Education Programs at Penn

In addition to our outstanding residency and fellowship programs, Penn has well-developed neuroscience education training programs in individual specialties and also offers integrated, multi-departmental neuroscience programs for medical students (Brain and Behavior course and Clinical Neuroscience Track); graduate (PhD) students (Neuroscience Graduate Group); and University undergraduate students (Biological Basis of Behavior undergraduate major). Each of these highlylauded programs is briefly described below.



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