Penn Medicine Neuroscience Center

Research & Clinical Trials

Research and Clinical Trials

The research of PMNC investigators spans the entire range of modern neuroscience, from fundamental molecular and cellular studies to translational and clinical research.  A major goal of the PMNC is to promote integrated basic, translational, and clinical research efforts.  Research collaborations between numerous departments and disciplines allow the PMNC to approach these disorders from multiple perspectives and to more quickly move research from the ‘bench to the bedside’.

To learn more about research ongoing at Penn, visit the member department web sites and individual programs listed in the Centers and Institutes page.

Clinical Trials

For information on clinical trials, visit the Office of Human Research web site.  Links to sites listing individual trials are available to the public on the Research Volunteers page, and to the Penn Community via login through the Clinical Trials Listing.

Basic Science

Penn's neuroscience research community maintains outstanding programs in virtually every major discipline within the neuroscience arena.



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