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July 25, 2016

Personalized Medicine Meets Thyroid Cancer: Drug Targeting BRAF Mutation Helps Patients

Vemurafenib Elicits a Response in a Third of Advanced Thyroid Cancer Patients with the BRAFV600E Mutation, Penn Study Finds

In the era of precision medicine, targeting the mutations driving cancer growth, rather than the tumor site itself, continues to be a successful approach for some patients. In the latest example, researchers from Penn Medicine and other institutions found that treating metastatic thyroid cancer patients harboring a BRAF mutation with the targeted therapy vemurafenib —originally approved for melanoma patients with the mutation—showed promising anti-tumor activity in a third of patients.  Read more ...

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July 25, 2016

Students Are Her Business

Imagine almost any official function that involves Penn's medical students -- for example, the White Coat Ceremony, Match Day, or Graduation -- and the odds are excellent that Barbara Wagner would be there. Not as the speaker or guest of honor, but as director of the Student Affairs office. Wagner would be helping to keep things running smoothly. Or she might be the person being hugged by a grateful student she has helped along the way. Read more ...

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