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March 5, 2015

Penn Medicine Analysis Shows that One-Third of Americans Do Not Have Access to Stroke Center Within One Hour

Time is Critical to Restore Blood Flow During Stroke

A population-based approach to health planning would prevent disparities in access to specialized stroke care, says new Penn Medicine research. Their evaluation of access to stroke centers in the U.S. found that even under the most optimal conditions, a large proportion of the United States population would be unable to access a comprehensive stroke center within 60 minutes. Read more ...

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Fall 2014

Current Issue: Fall 2014

Scientists and clinicians at Penn Medicine and elsewhere have been expanding our knowledge of the harm that football and some other sports can do to the brain – and coming up with ways to detect and treat brain injuries sooner. Concussion has drawn the most attention, but a newer focus is chronic traumatic encephalopathy. In addition, Penn researchers are working on ways to detect and treat traumatic brain injuries caused by battlefield blast waves.

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