OCTOBER 24, 2009
  One Shot of Gene Therapy and Children with Congenital Blindness Can Now See
Videos: Mobility Course Testing | Image: Researchers | Image: Family with Researchers | Back to Article

Results of mobility course testing in subject CH09 (8yo) 3 months after injection of the left eye.

Video 1 shows the subject traversing the obstacle course with his left (injected) eye patched. He has difficulty seeing the course and it takes him a long time to complete the test.

Video 2, captured within 10 minutes of Video 1, shows the same subject traversing a reconfigured obstacle course with his contralateral (right, uninjected) eye patched (he is using his injected eye for navigation). He has no difficulty completing the test accurately. Room light for both tests is 10 lux. (Movies have been colour corrected)

Videos courtesy Jean Bennett and The Lancet


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