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    Pump Up The Volume (of Immune Cells) to Fight HIV [12/21/01]
    Ibuprofen Blocks Aspirin's Ability to Protect Against Heart Attacks [12/19/01]
    Penn Graduate Student Receives Prestigious Association for Politics and Life Sciences Award [12/18/01]
    Penn Researcher Receives Two Year Grant To Study Inherited Markers that Favor Development of Schizophrenia [12/06/01]
    Reed E. Pyeritz, MD, PhD, Named Professor of Medicine and Chief of Medical Genetics [11/06/01]
    Link to Our Ancient Past Is Confirmed in Research On Brain's Potassium Channels [11/06/01]
    Unnecessary Roughness - Mild Head Injury Increases the Brain's Vulnerability to Further Damage [10/30/01]
    Pattern of Protein Manufacture in Hippocampus Found by Scientists at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine [10/22/01]
    Combination of Vitamin E and Aspirin Significantly Delays Atherosclerosis In Mice Even When Cholesterol Levels Stay High [10/18/01]
    Bigger Betas Are Better - Protein Found To Provide Pancreatic Cells with Protection against Diabetes [10/18/01]
    Antidepressants Lower Heart Attack Risk [10/17/01]
    Reducing the Risk of Medication Errors [10/17/01]
    Bioethicists Suggest "Family Covenant" to Aid Physicians and Help Families Cope With Genetic Information Overload [10/03/01]
    Retreat Is A Step Forward for Alzheimer's Research [09/27/01]
    Heavy Breathing in the Night: Central Sleep Apnea in Heart Failure [09/26/01]
    Caryn E. Lerman, PhD, Named Associate Director for Cancer Control and Population Science at the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center [09/25/01]
    Immune Cells SLAP Internal Signals Together [09/21/01]
    Gene that Prevents Tumor Growth Has Second Major Function In Carrying Messages From Circadian Clock, Penn Scientists Find [09/20/01]
    Career Counseling for Embryonic Cells New Class of Enzymes Link Cells to Growth Signals in Developing Embryo [08/30/01]
    Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, Elected to Board of Trustees of the International Society on Hypertension in Blacks [08/28/01]
    Owen Montgomery, MD, Named Medical Director for Special Projects for Clinical Care Associates of the University of Pennsylvania Health System [08/28/01]
    Ending the Cycle of Premenstrual Pain Oral Contraceptive Found to Relieve Severe PMS and PMDD Symptoms [08/22/01]
    Irwin B. Levitan, PhD, to Receive the Ranwell Caputto Award [08/14/01]
    Congratulations, It's a Soy! Penn Researchers Take A Long-Term Look At The Safety Of Soy-Based Infant Formula [08/14/01]
    Wired For Health - UPHS Named One Of Nation's 100 Most Wired Hospitals & Health Systems [08/06/01]
    Arthur H. Rubenstein, MBBCh, Named Executive Vice President Of The University Of Pennsylvania For The Health System And Dean, School Of Medicine [07/30/01]
    "Bionic Ear" Implanted by Penn Surgeons to Give Hearing to the Deaf [07/27/01]
    NIH Awards $2 Million Grant to Penn For Four-Year Study of Genes Associated with Epilepsy [07/24/01]
    HUP Once Again In The National "Honor Roll" Of Hospitals According To U.S. News & World Report [07/13/01]
    P.J. Brennan, MD, Named Chief of Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety for the University of Pennsylvania Health System [07/11/01]
    Relief from PMS and PMDD May Just Be A Sniff Away [07/11/01]
    Penn Scientists Find Cardiovascular System Holds Another Key To Body's Circadian Clock [06/28/01]
    Firearm Injury Center at Penn Receives a $1.2 Million Grant from the Joyce Foundation [06/19/01]
    Penn Researchers Explore the Role of Cell Suicide in the Development and Treatment of Cancer [06/15/01]
    Penn Study Findings Reverse Key Chronology For Development of Alzheimer's Disease in Mice [06/15/01]
    Penn Participates in Trial of Stent Device Designed to Deliver Drugs to Reduce Re-clogging in Arteries [06/14/01]
    Development of Important Immune Cells Relies on More Complicated Influences than Scientists Had Thought [06/08/01]
    Penn Researchers: Protein May Be the Essential Piece to the Pathway by Which Insulin Controls Blood Sugar [06/01/01]
    Alzheimer's Disease Meets its Boxing Match [06/01/01]
    Recent Findings on the Nature of Brain Disorders at the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease [05/29/01]
    Penn Researchers Find Proteins More Dynamic than Previously Known [05/24/01]
    Penn Study Uncovers Signs that Folic Acid and B12 May Lessen Some Ill Effects of Spinal Muscular Atrophy [05/24/01]
    The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center's Information Web Site, OncoLink, Ranked One of the Highest in Study [05/24/01]
    Progenitor Cells Can Have Protective Effect Against Brain Trauma [05/15/01]
    Penn Physician Elected President of the American Association of Thoracic Surgery [05/15/01]
    Robert D. Martin, PhD, Named Chief Executive Officer of the University of Pennsylvania Health System [05/14/01]
    Penn Bioethicist Named Chief of Bioethics and Human Subject Protection for NASA [05/10/01]
    Penn Physician Receives Prestigious American Lung Association Award [05/07/01]
    Researchers Use Gene Therapy to Reverse Blindness in Dogs [04/27/01]
    University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Forms Strategic Alliance with Integral PET Associates to Create Network of PENN PET (Positron Emission Tomography) Centers [04/26/01]
    In Ground-Breaking Study, Scientists at Penn Track Epileptic Seizures [04/25/01]
    Penn Scientist Named Winner of Gairdner Foundation International Award for Medical Science [04/25/01]
    New Proteomics Tool Offers a Clear Look at Cellular Proteins [04/23/01]
    Penn Researchers Discover That Stretching Neurons Induces Growth [04/17/01]
    Penn Study Shows That Blood Pressure Medication May Ease Symptoms of Cocaine Withdrawl [04/09/01]
    Nicotine Patches Do Not Increase Risk For First Heart Attack [04/06/01]
    University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Receives Two-Year $500,000 Grant From Lance Armstrong Foundation to Establish Cancer Survivorship Program [04/03/01]
    Penn Cancer Specialists Use Continuous Taxol Infusion, Plus Radiation to Control Advanced Head & Neck Cancers [04/03/01]
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Ranks Fourth Nationally in U.S.News & World Report Survey [03/30/01]
    Penn Researchers Explain the Mechanics behind the Delayed Effects of Brain Trauma [03/28/01]
    Is the Concept of God Hard-Wired into Our Brain? Study Finds Intriguing Link Between 'Mystical' Experience in Meditation and Physical Response in the Brain [03/27/01]
    Penn Study Shows Participation by Alzheimer's Patients in Clinical Trials Determined by Caregivers [03/27/01]
    Strategic Alliance Nets $16 Million Savings at UPHS [03/26/01]
    Breast Cancer Detection Technique Uses Fluorescent Molecules To Track and Illuminate Malignant Cells [03/14/01]
    Robot-Assisted Brain Surgery Is Feasible Says Penn Researcher [03/13/01]
    Penn Receives $1.2 Million Grant for Further Development of Compstatin, A Drug to Halt an Overzealous Immune System [03/12/01]
    Penn Cancer Center's "OncoLink" Selected as Clinical Research Clearinghouse for the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance [03/08/01]
    Asprin and Other Non-Specific COX Inhibitors May Slow Atherosclerosis, Penn Study Finds [03/07/01]
    PENN Travel Medicine Predicts Vaccine Request To Double in 2001 Due To Increased Globalization [02/26/01]
    Society for Investigative Pathology Honors Penn AIDS/HIV Researcher [02/01/01]
    Study Demonstrates Improved Quality of Life From Organ Preservation Surgery Approach In Treatment of Some Larynx Cancers [02/01/01]
    Oncogene Spawns Further Mutation in Breast Cancer Study [01/31/01]
    University of Pennsylvania Health System Awards Contract for Information Technology Management Services [01/25/01]
    Penn's Head Injury Center Receives $110,000 NFL Charities Grant to Study Long-Term Effects of Concussions [01/24/01]
    Gene Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy When Controlled By a Muscle-Specific Promoter, Prevents Immune Response [01/22/01]
    Combining Weight Loss Medication with Strong Diet and Exercise Program Triples Weight Loss Over Use of Medication Alone [01/21/01]
    Penn Researchers Study Long-Term Survivorhsip Issues of Testicular Cancer Patients [01/20/01]
    Penn Researchers Discover Fat Cell Hormone That Promotes Type 2 Diabetes [01/17/01]
    Smallpox as A Weapon of Bioterrorism [01/15/01]
    Penn Researchers Answer "One Small Question," and Advance The Quest to Cure a Deadly Form of Cancer [01/11/01]
    Penn Researchers To Study Treatment Options For "Eye Attacks" [01/10/01]
    Specialty Boutique Services Available at Rena Rowan Breast Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center [01/08/01]
    B.E.N.@Penn Links Researchers Across Disciplines [01/05/01]
    Renowned HIV/AIDS Researcher Named Chairman of the Department of Microbiology at Penn's School of Medicine [01/03/01]
    Penn Researchers Combating Blindness From Diabetic Retinopathy In Local Community With "4 Sight" Program [01/03/01]

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