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Dwight L. Evans, MD, Earns the 2004 Award for Research in Mood Disorders from the American College of Psychiatrists [12/29/04]
    Media Advisory: Experts to Discuss Drug Therapy and Ethical Issues within the Criminal Justice System [12/28/04]
The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Enrolling Patients in Clinical Trial for Treating Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis [12/28/04]
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Potent Anticancer Drug Increases Function of Nerve Cells in Mouse Model of Neurodegeneration [12/20/04]
    Penn Epidemiological Study Shows Difference in Cardiovascular Effects Between Vioxx and Celebrex [12/06/04]
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Morris J. Birnbaum, MD, PhD, Receives Mosenthal Award from American Diabetes Association [11/30/04]
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Albert J. Stunkard, MD, Receives Prestigious Award from the Institute of Medicine [11/30/04]
    Resistin Integral Part of the Inflammatory Response [11/29/04]
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Molecular Tailoring of Chemotherapy with Novel Imaging Techniques [11/23/04]
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Jonathan A. Epstein, MD, Named the First William Wikoff Smith Chair in Cardiovascular Research [11/23/04]
    Estrogen-Associated COX-2 Pathways Explain Protection From Heart Disease in Female Mice [11/18/04]
    John H. Glick, MD, Receives Roman Catholic High's 2004 Greater Philadelphia Area Leadership Award [11/16/04]
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Penn Addictions Expert, Charles P. O'Brien, MD, PhD, Receives Prestigious, International Honor [11/15/04]
    C. William Schwab, MD, FACS, Elected President of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma [11/10/04]
    Unique Medical School Program Pairs Students with Patients Over All Four Years of Education [11/10/04]
    Steven L. Galetta, MD, Receives Distinguished Teacher Award From the Association of American Medical Colleges [11/08/04]
    University of Pennsylvania Health System Launches Life-Saving eICU® Technology [11/08/04]
    Percutaneous Edge-to-Edge Mitral Valve Repair Shows Favorable Preliminary Results [11/08/04]
    Molecular Clock Genes Influence Metabolism of Sugar and Dietary Fats [11/01/04]
    Gene-Silencing Technique Offers New Way to Fight Drug-Resistant Leukemia [10/29/04]
    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Combined with a Common Antidepressant Proven Effective in Treating Adolescent Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder [10/26/04]
    Media Advisory/Calendar Event: "Legs for Life" Event Rescheduled for November 16th [10/25/04]
    Penn Researcher Receives $1 Million Grant for Cancer Gene Therapy Research [10/20/04]
Penn To Participate in National Alzheimer's Disease Research Initiative [10/14/04]
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Francisco Gonzalez-Scarano, MD, Named to National Neurology Advisory Council [10/11/04]
Penn To Participate in Nationwide Study Seeking Families with Two or More Siblings Living with Alzheimer's Disease [10/08/04]
    HUP Earns "Consumer Choice Award" [10/04/04]
    Eli J. Glatstein, MD, Named a 2004 Gold Medal Recipient by The American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology [10/04/04]
    Penn Awarded Major Grant for Collaborative Initiative to Help Understand Genes' Effects on Medications [10/01/04]
    Patrick J. Brennan, MD, Heads Federal Health Advisory Committee [09/29/04]
    Big Cities and Small Towns Bear Similar Risks of Gun Death, says Penn Public Health Study [09/27/04]
    Media Advisory: University of Pennsylvania Health System Employees Walking to Cure Cardiovascular Diseases [09/24/04]
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Artistic Expression Need Not End, and Can Even Improve After Brain Damage [09/21/04]
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Paul N. Lanken, MD, Professor of Medicine, Appointed Associate Dean for Professionalism and Humanism at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine [09/21/04]
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Stimulating the Production of Utrophin Protects Muscular Dystrophy Mice from Muscle Wasting [09/20/04]
    New Fruitfly Model of Diabetes Has Future Implications for Pancreatic Islet Cell Transplantation [09/15/04]
    Decoupling the Control of Brain Cancer Cells to Find Better Treatments [09/15/04]
    Who Decides if People with Dementia Should Vote? [09/14/04]
Penn Researchers Investigate Potential New Treatment for Depression [09/13/04]
    Penn Stroke Center Awarded JCAHO Certification [09/13/04]
    OutFoxed! New Research May Redefine Late-Stage Cardiac Development [09/09/04]
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Extreme Stretch-Growth: Pushing Neurons' Physiological Limits Provides Researchers with New Ways to Repair Nerve Damage [09/07/04]
    Long-Term Effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Are An Autoimmune Reaction [09/03/04]
    New Penn Study Shows Genes May Affect the Rewarding Value of Food after Quitting Smoking [09/02/04]
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Irwin B. Levitan, PhD, Elected Secretary of the Society for Neuroscience [09/01/04]
    Penn Study Shows Dieting Not Associated With Binge Eating or Depression in Obese Women [09/01/04]
    Media Advisory/Calendar Event: Get a "Leg Up" on Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) [08/31/04]
    Prescription for a Healthy Child: Read to Them at an Early Age [08/31/04]
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Advances in Tumor Angiogenesis - Dendritic Cells Co-opted to the Dark Side [08/29/04]
    Decreasing Toxins in Brains of Alzheimer's Patients Keep Cognitive Deficits at Bay [08/23/04]
Volunteers Needed for Study to Evaluate Long-Term Treatment for PMS [08/23/04]
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Penn Scientists Identify Novel Pathway in Aneurysms [08/22/04]
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X Marks the Spot: Vector Insertion is Viral Specific [08/16/04]
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Garry L. Scheib Named Chief Operating Officer of the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) [08/06/04]
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Brian Strom, MD, MPH, Named President-Elect of the Association of Clinical Research Training Program Directors [08/05/04]
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Fundamental Change to Immunology 101 [08/05/04]
    Molecular Therapeutics Advance Fight Against Brain Cancer [08/03/04]
    Penn Researchers Offer New Hope to Advanced Stage Lung Cancer Patients [08/03/04]
    University of Pennsylvania Health System Among the "Most Wired" in the Nation [07/20/04]
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Researchers Honored for Their Work on Schizophrenia and Depression [07/16/04]
    New Vascular Medicine Practice Set to Open at Penn [07/15/04]
    New Research Suggests Previously Unrecognized Mechanism by Which Blood Vessels Are Patterned [07/12/04]
    Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Again Cited as "Honor Roll" Hospital in U.S. News & World Report [07/02/04]
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Bacterial Protein Recycling Factor Possible Key to New Class of Antibiotics [06/30/04]
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Abass Alavi, MD, Awarded the 2004 Hevesy Award from the Society of Nuclear Medicine [06/24/04]
    Expert Advisory: Contrasting Findings on the Use of Folic Acid Supplementation to Prevent Restenosis after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention [06/23/04]
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The Mother Lode of Mutations: Survey of Zebrafish Early Development Potentially Relevant for Understanding Human Infertility and Birth Defects [06/23/04]
    Kyle Kampman, MD, Receives Caron Foundation Community Service Award for Work on Addiction Research [06/17/04]
    The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Implements American Heart Association's Get With The GuidelinesSM Program [06/17/04]
    COX-2 Enzymes Modulate DNA Damage in Cells [06/07/04]
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging Significantly Better than Mammography for Detecting Number and Size of Tumors in Breast Cancer, First International Study Shows [06/07/04]
    Ralph W. Muller, CEO of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, Re-Appointed to Medicare Payment Advisory Commission [06/07/04]
    Adrenaline Packs a Powerful Punch in the Use of Antidepressants, According to an Animal-Model Study at Penn [06/02/04]
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Andrew DeVoe Appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the University of Pennsylvania Health System [06/01/04]
    Heart Failure and Transplant Program at HUP Evaluates Heart Failure Treatments for Landmark Nationwide Study [05/24/04]
    Scientists Find Second Way to Kill Cancer Cells [05/13/04]
Landmark Kidney Study at Penn Seeks Volunteers [05/12/04]
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Closing In on the Cellular Culprits of Schizophrenia [05/04/04]
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Electronic Nose Device Proves Effective for Diagnosing Pneumonia and Sinusitis [04/28/04]
    Fat Cell Hormone Adiponectin Causes Weight Loss Without Affecting Appetite [04/21/04]
    Christopher P. Kops, CPA, Named Vice Dean for Administration and Finance at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine [04/16/04]
    Increasing the Body's Good Cholesterol May be a Pill Away [04/08/04]
    Study Shows Lower Than Expected Allergic-Like Events Following Second Prescription of Penicillin [04/07/04]
    Remember When? Norepinephrine Important in Retrieving Memories [04/01/04]
    Penn Researchers Identify Potential New Therapeutic Approach for Sickle Cell Disease [03/25/04]
    Myosin Mutant: First Protein Difference Between Humans and Primates That Correlates to Anatomical Changes in the Early Hominid Fossil Record [03/24/04]
    Loss of Smell Linked to Key Protein in Alzheimer's Disease, New Penn Study Shows [03/11/04]
    Abramson Cancer Center Joins National Network to Revolutionize Cancer Research [03/09/04]
    Brian L. Strom, MD, MPH, Appointed Associate Vice Dean and Associate Vice President for Strategic Integration for PENN Medicine [03/02/04]
    Cryoplasty: Using Sub-Zero Cold to Open Blocked Arteries [02/27/04]
    Penn Researchers Establish Hormonal Link Between Obesity and Diabetes [02/25/04]
    Early Vitamin E Supplements Stem Development of Hallmark Alzheimer's Symptoms in Mice [02/24/04]
    Double Mastectomies Significantly Lower Risk of Breast Cancer in Women Who Are Genetically at Risk, Penn Study Shows [02/23/04]
Clinical Trial of the Effects of Chromium Picolinate on Diabetes & Heart Disease Risk Offered at PENN Medicine [02/12/04]
    Breast Cancer Vaccine Study Supported by Unique "Progress for Patients" Grant from Avon and National Cancer Institute [02/09/04]
    Delta Team has Landed at the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) [02/03/04]
    No Difference Seen In Intermittent versus Continual Use of Anti-Depressant to Treat Severe Premenstrual Syndrome [02/02/04]
    Death-Defying Approach Devised by Penn Scientists to Prevent Cell Apoptosis [01/28/04]
    The Body's 911 Call: Why Blood Flow Stops Short [01/26/04]
    Aaron Beck, MD, Receives Awards from the Institute of Medicine and the University of Louisville [01/16/04]
    Marian S. Ware Alzheimer Program Established at PENN Medicine with a $6 Million Gift [01/15/04]
    Lee A. Fleisher, MD, FACC, Appointed Chair of PENN Medicine's Department of Anesthesia [01/08/04]

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