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Penn Study Finds Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments Mobilize Stem Cells [12/28/05]
    Mechanism for Epstein-Barr Virus Protein’s Role In Blood Cancers Discovered [12/23/05]
    Intensive Glucose Control Cuts Heart Disease Risk in Type 1 Diabetes [12/21/05]
    Penn Awarded $1 Million from Howard Hughes Medical Institute to Establish Clinical Imaging Training Program [12/19/05]
    PENN Researchers Provide New Recommendations for Use of Artificial Nutrition and Hydration in Seriously Ill Patients [12/15/05]
    Penn’s Center for Bioethics Launches Vaccine Ethics Project [12/08/05]
    Invitation to Cover: Great Holiday Season Photo Opportunity!! [12/08/05]
    Invitation to Cover: Science-Fair Switcheroo, Where Kids Judge the Science [12/05/05]
Early Responders: Hair Follicle Stem Cells Contribute to Wound Healing, According to New Penn Study [12/01/05]
    Penn Nurses Receive Prestigious Award from International Honor Society of Nursing [12/01/05]
    PENN Medicine Sponsors First Templeton Research Lectures on the Constructive Dialogue Between Science and Religion [11/29/05]
Raymond and Ruth Perelman Donate $25 Million to Name PENN Medicine's Center for Advanced Medicine [11/28/05]
Penn Vaccine Researcher Receives Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Freedom To Discover Research Grant [11/28/05]
Homing In On HIV’s Chromosome Target: AIDS Virus Inserts Into Human Genome Using a DNA-Associated Protein [11/27/05]
PENN Medicine Receives $1 Million from NIH to Support Muscular Dystrophy Research [11/22/05]
    Invitation to Cover: Join University of Pennsylvania Medical Students On A Field Trip to Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies at The Franklin Institute Science Museum [11/22/05]
Penn Research Permits First-Ever Visualization of Psychological Stress in the Human Brain [11/21/05]
    Invitation to Cover: The 9th Annual Center for AIDS Research Symposium [11/17/05]
Penn Study Finds Lifestyle Modification and Weight Loss Medication Superior to Either Approach Used Alone [11/16/05]
    Invitation to Cover: Translating Discoveries About Diabetes Into Care [11/16/05]
Penn School of Medicine Student Wins Basic Genetics Research Award [11/16/05]
Cardiologists Implant the First Cancion© Device at Penn in the MOMENTUM Clinical Trial [11/15/05]
    Penn Researcher Wins Awards From Two Major Cardiovascular Research Organizations [11/13/05]
RNA Splicing Occurs in Nerve-Cell Dendrites [11/07/05]
Penn Researchers Utilize MRI for Early Diagnosis of Schizophrenia [11/07/05]
Penn Researchers Study the Use of Ultrasound for Treatment of Cancer [11/04/05]
    Penn Researchers Study New Approach to Extend Lives of People with Deadliest Brain Tumors [11/03/05]
    Invitation to Cover: Woo-Suk Hwang, DVM, PhD, Lectures as Part of Penn's Gene Therapy & Vaccines Seminar Series [11/02/05]
    Three Penn School of Medicine Professors Named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science [10/31/05]
First Patient in the Philadelphia Area Receives New Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) [10/27/05]
Bench Pressing Can Reduce or Prevent Lymphedema Symptoms in Breast-Cancer Survivors, Suggests Penn Researcher [10/25/05]
    Four Penn School of Medicine Faculty Named to Institute of Medicine [10/25/05]
    Shop to Help Fight Against Women’s Cancers [10/24/05]
Penn Researchers Lay Foundation for Herceptin’s Most-Recent Promise [10/21/05]
    Using T-Cell-Based Vaccines, Penn Researchers Achieve Rapid Restoration of Immunity in Immune-Suppressed Cancer Patients [10/20/05]
    Penn Study Finds Physically Abused Boys May Be More Likely to Commit Domestic Violence As Adults [10/17/05]
Notch Signaling Molecule Important in Type 2 Immunity [10/17/05]
Penn Virologist Edits Comprehensive Book on Epstein-Barr Virus [10/14/05]
PENN Medicine Embarks on Largest Capital Project in Its History [10/14/05]
Penn Researchers Discover the Powerful Tool of Simultaneously Combining fMRI and PET Imaging to Study the Brain in Action [10/12/05]
Penn Study Finds Direct Role for Glial Cells in Brain Cross-talk [10/11/05]
Penn Psychologist to Provide Tsunami-Survivor Training [10/10/05]
    Penn Expert Elected President of National Bioethics Organization [10/07/05]
    Penn Epidemiologists Become Part of Federal Program to Research Making Better Treatment Decisions [10/05/05]
Penn Surgeons Use Completely Robotic Surgery to Successfully Treat Prostate Cancer [10/04/05]
Thomas Cappola, MD, ScM of the University of Pennsylvania Health System Wins Prestigious Jay N. Cohn New Investigator Award [10/04/05]
“Father of Lung Transplant” Comes to the University of Pennsylvania Health System to Direct the Division of Thoracic Surgery [10/03/05]
Expert Advisory: Penn Researcher Calls for Greater Emphasis on Translational Medicine and Therapeutics to Transform the Future of Drug Development [09/30/05]
New Use of 64-Slice CT Scan to be Studied at HUP to Help Diagnose Coronary Artery Disease in the Emergency Department [09/29/05]
    Penn Interventional Radiologists Offer Free Screening to Philadelphia’s “First Responders” for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) on October 6th [09/27/05]
Photo Feature: 2005 Philadelphia Heart Walk Participants Form Massive "Heart" [09/25/05]
Photo Feature: Penn Physicians & Nurses Return from Baton Rouge [09/22/05]
Tissue Stiffness Drives Tumor Formation [09/21/05]
    Media Advisory: Expert Commentary on Hurricane Katrina Available from University of Pennsylvania Health System [09/21/05]
Photo Feature: Philadelphia Eagles Player Michael Lewis Tours Heart Failure Unit at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania [09/20/05]
    Awards of Excellence Earned by 16 PENN Medicine Faculty [09/20/05]
Penn Lab Performs Its 2500th Endomyocardial Biopsy Procedure [09/19/05]
Penn Researchers Discover A Molecular Pathway That Leads to Recurrence of Breast Cancer [09/19/05]
20-Ton Robotic Gamma Knife® Installed at Pennsylvania Hospital [09/15/05]
Breast Tumors in Mice Eradicated Using Cancer Vaccine [09/14/05]
    Invitation to Cover: Installation of 20-Ton Robotic Gamma Knife® [09/13/05]
New 'Philadelphia Adult Congenital Heart Center' Meets a Long Overdue Need by Combining the Resources of Cardiac Specialists from Two Local Healthcare Institutions to Achieve Life-Long Healthy Hearts [09/12/05]
    Penn Awarded $1.8 Million to Search for New Mood-Disorder Drugs, in a Collaboration With Wyeth Research Laboratories [09/08/05]
Photo Feature: University of Pennsylvania Health System's Rally for the American Heart Association's 2005 Heart Walk [09/07/05]
    Photo Opportunity: Show the World that Philly & Penn have HEART! [09/06/05]
    Gary Koretzky, MD, PhD, Appointed Chief of the Division of Rheumatology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania [09/07/05]
    Stephen M. Hahn, MD, Named Chair of Radiation Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine [09/06/05]
    Penn Study Shows Genes May Affect Response to Different Quit-Smoking Medications [08/29/05]
photo included
Rohinton J. Morris, MD Appointed to Surgical Director, Heart Transplantation and Mechanical Assist Programs at the University of Pennsylvania Health System [08/26/05]
    Neurotransmitter Orexin Associated With Pleasure and Reward Pathways in the Brain, in Addition to Functions in Sleep and Appetite [08/24/05]
    Penn Study Finds a New Role for RNA in Human Immune Response [08/23/05]
    Penn Expert in Stroke Rehabilitation Helps Shape Next-Generation, Comprehensive Stroke Center [08/22/05]
    Electronic Database Studies May Not Accurately Estimate Risk of Heart Attack Among Users of Naproxen, Ibuprofen [08/22/05]
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Otter Adaptations: How Do Otters Remain Sleek and Warm [08/18/05]
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Stopping Killer “Bubbles” -- PENN Surgeons Are Now Using and Teaching a Novel Stent-Deployment Device to Barricade Deadly Aneurysms [08/17/05]
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Penn Study Finds No Relationship Between Elevated C8 Levels and Liver or Thyroid Abnormalities [08/15/05]
    Penn Physician Urges Revision of HIV-Testing Policies [08/09/05]
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Penn Researchers Discover Key to How SARS Virus Infects Cells [08/01/05]
    Master Regulatory Gene Found That Guides Fate Of Blood-Producing Stem Cells [08/01/05]
    Penn Announces Unique Bioethics Internship [07/29/05]
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Penn Study Finds Significantly Elevated C8 Levels Among Studied Population Group in Southeastern Ohio [07/27/05]
Penn Named a “Breast Cancer Center of Excellence” By Department of Defense [07/27/05]
    University of Pennsylvania Health System Appoints Patrick J. Brennan, MD, as Chief Medical Officer [07/25/05]
    University of Pennsylvania Health System Recognized as Among Nation’s “Most Wired” for Fifth Year [07/21/05]
    Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Becomes First in Region to Implant a HeartMate II Left Ventricular Assist System Into a Patient [07/18/05]
    Penn to Provide Bioethics Training to Emerging Scientists [07/12/05]
    Dr. Gary W. Crooks Named the First Recipient of the Ruth C. and Raymond G. Perelman Professorship in Internal Medicine at Penn’s School of Medicine [07/11/05]
    Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Earns “Honor Roll” Status in U.S.News & World Report’s Annual “Best Hospitals” Survey [07/08/05]
    Penn Professor Receives Gold Medal for Distinguished Academic Accomplishments [07/08/05]
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Mood Lighting: Penn Researchers Determine Role of Serotonin in Modulating Circadian Rhythm [07/07/05]
    Notch Signaling Protein Directs Early T-Cell Development [07/06/05]
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Two Penn School of Medicine Professors Honored at White House for Research and Community Service [06/28/05]
    Nicotine Triggers the Same Brain Reward Circuitry as Opiates [06/24/05]
    Penn's Abramson Cancer Center Partners with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society [06/23/05]
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"Laser Tweezers" Permit Penn Researchers to Describe Microscopic Mechanical Properties of Blood Clots [06/23/05]
    Michael T. Mennuti, MD, Named President of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists [06/16/05]
    Study Confirms that Intensive Treatment of Diabetic Patients Significantly Reduces Cardiovascular Disease [06/15/05]
    Penn's School of Medicine Ranked #2 in Nation for NIH Research Awards [06/08/05]
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Penn Researchers Discover Mutation in Mouse Circulatory Gene That Mimics A Form of Congenital Heart Disease [06/07/05]
    Penn Study Documents Access to Trauma Centers in the United States [05/31/05]
    Penn Study Points to New Evidence to Explain How COX-2 Inhibitors Can Eventually Lead to Heart Disease and Stroke [05/24/05]
    Craig B. Thompson, MD, Elected to National Academy of Sciences [05/20/05]
    Disease Progression Model of Pancreatic Cancer Developed by Penn Researchers [05/19/05]
    PENN Researchers Use Completely Robotic Surgery to Dramatically Reduce Physical Trauma for Head & Neck Cancer Patients [05/13/05]
    Penn's School of Medicine Holds Its 239th Graduation Ceremony [05/13/05]
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Penn Study Shows Liver Receptor Key To Diet-Dependent Differences in Blood Lipid Levels [05/12/05]
    “Stem Cell Research: Science, Ethics & Public Policy” Panel Discussion [05/09/05]
    Keeping Cancer in Check: Penn Researchers Demonstrate that a Metabolic Enzyme Works Through the Tumor-Suppressor Protein p53 to Control Cellular Replication [05/04/05]
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Penn Researchers Determine Structure of Binding Site of Colon-Cancer Drug and Its Protein Target [04/18/05]
    Of Mice and Men's (and Women's) Contraceptives: Study of Unique Reproductive-Cell Protein in Mice Could Lead to New Contraceptives for Women and Men [04/14/05]
    Penn Receives 2005 Templeton Research Grant [04/08/05]
    Commentary on Over-the-Counter Availability for Statins [04/06/05]
    Injectable Drug, Combined with Counseling, Shows Promise in Treating Alcohol Dependence [04/05/05]
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Ranked 4th in the Nation by U.S. News & World Report [04/01/05]
    Bioethics Conference at the University of Pennsylvania to Feature National Experts [03/31/05]
    Penn Medicine at Radnor Executive Earns Top Health Care Management Credential [03/30/05]
    Penn's Department of Dermatology Receives $2 Million Grant from the Annenberg Foundation to Support Educational Programs [03/28/05]
    First Mouse Model for Multiple System Atrophy Points to New Treatment Targets for Brain Diseases [03/23/05]
    From Gene Discovery to Preventing Eye Disease in Retinitis Pigmentosa [03/22/05]
    Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania Hosts Second Annual Focus on Melanoma Conference [03/18/05]
photo included
Joseph E. Bavaria, MD, Named the First Brooke Roberts-William Maul Measey Professor of Surgery [03/17/05]
    Leading Bioethicist To Argue Against Passage of H.R. 1151 -- Triggered by Terri Schiavo Case [03/15/05]
    Epstein-Barr Virus Protein Crucial To Its Role In Blood Cancers [03/15/05]
    New Class of Tuberculosis-Fighting Antibiotics Suggested By Biochemical-Pathway Study [03/10/05]
    Panacea or Pandora's Box: Penn Study Shows that Computerized Physician-Order Entry Systems Often Facilitate Medication Errors [03/08/05]
    Potential Treatment for Fragile X Syndrome Demonstrated in Fruit Fly Model [03/02/05]
Penn Study Will Compare Heart Failure Management Technologies [02/24/05]
    Newly-Discovered Class of Genes Determines - and Restricts - Stem Cell Fate [02/23/05]
    Penn Abramson Cancer Center Researcher Presents at AAAS Annual Meeting On the Implications of Genetic Research on Cancer Prevention [02/20/05]
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Dwight L. Evans, MD, Elected President of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention [02/18/05]
    Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Earns "Hospital of Choice" Award [02/17/05]
The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Begins Clinical Trial of Newest Technology to Treat Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms [02/16/05]
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Expands Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program [02/15/05]
    Time of the Essence When Transferring Heart Attack Patients Between Hospitals [02/14/05]
    Penn Joins Major NCI Research Initiative to Advance Breast Cancer Therapies [02/11/05]
    Penn Study Shows How Next-Generation Diabetic Drugs Could Work More Selectively [01/27/05]
    PENN Study Emphasizes Need for National Guidelines for Assisted Reproductive Technology Programs [01/18/05]
    Psoriasis Occurs Less Frequently in African Americans Than Caucasians According to New Penn Study [01/18/05]
    Penn Researchers Add More Evidence to Demonstrate Role of COX Inhibitors in Heart-Disease Risk [01/17/05]
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Penn Announces Creation of Three New Biomedical Institutes [01/13/05]
    Penn Study May Lead the Way for First Medication to Treat Cocaine Addiction [01/10/05]
    Penn Researchers Find that Residual Tumor Cells are a Barrier to Targeted Cancer Therapeutics [01/04/05]
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Study of Hypoxia and New Gene Reveals Early-Stage Action of p53 Tumor Suppressor Gene [01/04/05]
    Penn Researchers Evaluate Major Commercial Weight Loss Programs [01/03/05]

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