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    Acid Suppression Medication Linked With Increased Risk of Hip Fracture [12/27/06]
How Blood Flow Dictates Gene Expression [12/20/06]
University of Pennsylvania Health System Experts Available for Season-Specific Health Topics [12/19/06]
    Penn E-lert E-volves [12/15/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Bringing Holiday Cheer to Immobile Philadelphians [12/14/06]
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
New Tool Being Tested to Halt Recurrence of Atrial Fibrillation [12/13/06]
    Hospital Performance Measures May Not Make Much Difference When It Comes to Mortality [12/12/06]
    Older Men Treated for Early Prostate Cancer Live Longer Than Those Who Are Not [12/12/06]
    Invitation to Cover: PENN Psychiatry Presents: “The Vulcanization of the Human Mind: Neuroimaging, Decision-Making, and Ethics” [12/12/06]
    Researchers Make Progress Against Often Overlooked, Deadly Lung Disease Attacking Women in Their Childbearing Years [12/08/06]
    “Best of Both Worlds”: Targeting a Single Gene Could Inhibit Bone Decay and Stimulate Bone Growth [12/08/06]
Press Kit: Ralph J. Roberts and Brian L. Roberts Help Establish World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Proton Therapy Center [12/06/06]
Taste buds
Ralph J. Roberts and Brian L. Roberts Help Establish World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Proton Therapy Center [12/06/06]
Taste buds
Penn Researchers Discover Initial Steps in the Development of Taste [12/05/06]
    UPDATE: Invitation to Cover: Beacons of Light Mark New Era in Cancer Therapy [12/01/06]
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center Named One of the Nation’s Top Cardiovascular Hospitals by Solucient in 2006 [11/16/06]
Penn Professor Awarded J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine [11/16/06]
    World’s First Collaborative Lung Cancer Registry May Reveal Secrets of Deadly Disease [11/16/06]
“Tribbles” Protein Implicated in Common and Aggressive Form of Leukemia [11/16/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn’s Biomedical Graduate Studies - a Pioneer Program Providing Interdisciplinary Research Training - Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary [11/10/06]
Newest in CT Imaging Technology -- Dual Energy Source -- Now Being Utilized on Patients at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania [11/06/06]
An AIDS-Related Virus Tricks Cells to Become Tumors, New Penn Study Finds [11/06/06]
Fighting HIV With HIV: New Gene Therapy Vector Shows Promise in Penn HIV Study [11/06/06]
Signal Protein Shows Promise for Blocking Tumor Promoters in Skin Cells [11/02/06]
    One in Six Americans Have Pre-Diabetes and Most Don’t Know It [11/01/06]
    Laser Treatment Not Effective in Preventing Vision Loss for People with Early, Age-Related Macular Degeneration [11/01/06]
Language Center of the Brain Is Not Under the Control of Subjects Who “Speak in Tongues” [10/30/06]
    The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Partners with Freedom Calls Foundation to Enable Marine in Iraq to Meet His Newborn Son and Congratulate New Mom Via Video Conference Over Freedom Calls Satellite Network [10/30/06]
    Penn Interventional Radiologists Offer Free Screening to Public for Peripheral Arterial Disease, Stroke, Aortic Aneurysm on November 14 [10/26/06]
    Merging Microbiology and Music: Penn Professor Receives Distinguished Teacher Award [10/26/06]
    Wissahickon Hospice Teams Up with the Moyer Foundation to Bring Bereavement Camp to Local Children [10/25/06]
    Hearts Transplanted from Hepatitis C Donors Associated with Lower Survival Rates in Recipients, Penn Study Finds [10/20/06]
    Invitation to Cover: A City in Crisis? The Rise of Violence in Philadelphia [10/18/06]
    Penn Researchers Provide Insights into How the Immune System Avoids Attacking Itself [10/12/06]
    Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Presbyterian Achieve Status as Blue Distinction Centers℠ for Cardiac Care [10/11/06]
    Penn Researchers Find Psoriasis Patients at Increased Risk for Heart Attack [10/10/06]
Three Penn School of Medicine Faculty Named to Institute of Medicine [10/10/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn to Host Inaugural Symposium at New Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology [10/09/06]
    Invitation to Cover: The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Emergency Nursing and the Red Cross Team Up to Donate Life [10/05/06]
Penn Researchers Make Major Advancement in Lou Gehrig's Disease and FTD [10/05/06]
    Penn Leads $98 Million Translational Medicine Collaboration [10/03/06]
Marc Levine, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania, Wins Eminent Scientist of the Year Award From the International Research Promotion Council [09/21/06]
    Penn Critical Care Physicians Recommend Strategies for Health Care Professionals Facing Requests From Patients to End Supplemental Oxygen [09/19/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn hosts conference on increasing community integration of individuals with psychiatric disabilities [09/18/06]
Penn Professor Receives Lasker Award for Developing Cognitive Therapy [09/18/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Cardiovascular Disease Doesn’t Stop at the Heart — Penn Event on September 18 to Screen Media Members for Peripheral Arterial Disease [09/12/06]
    Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Selected to ‘25 Most Influential’ List in Radiology in 2006 [09/12/06]
    Penn to Host Herbal Medicine Symposium [09/12/06]
    PENN Medicine Announces New Leadership for the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania [09/11/06]
    Penn Study Suggests a New Type of Pain Reliever That May Benefit the Heart [09/11/06]
    Invitation to Cover: "The Legacy of the Philadelphia Chromosome: From Discovery to Therapy" [09/08/06]
Craig B. Thompson, MD, Appointed Director of the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania [09/08/06]
    Penn’s School of Medicine Students Will Get a Chance to Simulate Success [09/07/06]
    Penn’s School of Medicine Retains Rank of Second in Nation for NIH Research Awards [09/05/06]
    Penn Researchers to Get 7 Tesla Whole-Body MRI System [08/28/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn to Host Herbal Medicine Symposium [08/23/06]
    Penn Researchers Find Link Between Autism and Abnormal Blood-Vessel Function and Oxidative Stress [08/15/06]
    Penn Researchers Find a Significant Amount of Commercial Drivers Have Impaired Performance Due to Lack of Sleep [08/15/06]
    Expert Advisory: Transitioning Back to School in the Fall Is Tough for Some Sleepy Students [08/14/06]
    Penn Researchers Discover “Remote Control” for Expression of Human Growth Hormone Gene [08/11/06]
    Invitation to Cover: The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine’s Entering Class of 2006 “White Coat Ceremony” and Recitation of the Hippocratic Oath [08/10/06]
    Penn Researchers Use the Abdomen to Deliver Oxygen to Assist Ailing Lungs [08/07/06]
Penn Researchers Determine Structure of Smallpox Virus Protein Bound to DNA [08/04/06]
    Penn Orthopaedic Surgeon Wins First Annual Ladies’ Home Journal Health Breakthrough Award [08/02/06]
University of Pennsylvania Health System in Pursuit of Lung Cancer Vaccine [08/02/06]
    COO of University of Pennsylvania Health System, Garry Scheib, Elected to Board of Trustees for American Hospital Association [08/02/06]
Penn Researchers Examine the Effects of Meditation on Early Cognitive Impairment [07/27/06]
Penn Researchers Calculate How Much the Eye Tells the Brain [07/26/06]
    Long-Term Ibuprofen Treatment After Brain Injury Worsens Cognitive Outcome In An Animal Model [07/21/06]
    Study Reveals Age and Socioeconomic Factors Are Strongest Determinants of Sunburn in U.S. Population [07/18/06]
    Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, MPH, of the University of Pennsylvania, Wins 2006 H.O.P.E. Award From the American Journal of Health Promotion [07/17/06]
    Gatekeeping: Penn Researchers Find New Way to Open Ion Channels in Cell Membranes [07/17/06]
Discovery of Agile Molecular Motors Could Aid in Treating Motor Neuron Diseases [07/17/06]
    Expert Advisory: Commentary on Healthcare Information Technology: Defining the Limits of Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems [07/13/06]
    Penn Researcher Wins Prestigious Ho-Am Prize [07/12/06]
New Source of Multipotent Adult Stem Cells Discovered in Human Hair Follicles [07/12/06]
Penn Researchers Identify Small Molecules Capable of Fighting Treatment-Resistant Tumors [07/11/06]
    Penn Announces New, Unique “Center for Evidence-Based Practice” to Answer Important Clinical Questions by Examining the Evidence [07/11/06]
    University of Pennsylvania Health System Named "Most Wired" for Sixth Year in a Row [07/10/06]
    Penn Researchers Enlist Cell-Cycle Proteins to "Switch On" Heart Tissue Repair System in Animal Models [07/07/06]
    Dr. Gail Morrison Receives Award for Leadership in Medical Education [07/05/06]
Mutation in Tumor Suppressor Gene Causes Pancreatic Islet Cells to Reproduce [07/03/06]
    Sleeping With the Lights On: Discovery of New Fruit Fly Protein Illuminates Circadian Response to Light [06/28/06]
    Dr. Mitchell Lazar Receives the 2006 Edwin B. Astwood Award Lecture from The Endocrine Society [06/26/06]
    Dell R. Burkey, MD, Named 145th President of Philadelphia County Medical Society [06/21/06]
    Altered Activity in Tandem Receptors Points to Further Complexity in Schizophrenia Pathology [06/16/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Advancements in "Time-of-Flight" Technology Make New PET/CT Scanner at Penn a First in the World [06/15/06]
    Sleepy Fruit Flies Provide Clues to Learning and Memory [06/15/06]
    Expert Commentary: Leading Penn Bioethicist Challenges Scientists to Lead the Public in Moral Conversations about Their Work [06/15/06]
Infected for Life: How Herpes Simplex Virus Uses MicroRNA to Hide Out in Cells [06/12/06]
    Penn Researcher Named President of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine [06/12/06]
Press Kit: University of Pennsylvania Health System to Begin Construction of Proton Therapy Treatment Facility [06/07/06]
    UPDATE: University of Pennsylvania Health System to Begin Construction of Proton Therapy Treatment Facility [06/07/06]
    Media Advisory — Brain Tumors: Confronting the Challenge Together [06/06/06]
    PENN’s Abramson Cancer Center and the Brain Tumor Society Host One-Day Seminar for Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers [06/06/06]
Penn Researchers Reveal Inner Workings of Transcription Factor Protein In Neuronal Cell Dendrites [06/05/06]
    Penn Researchers Conclude the ‘Gold Standard’ in Assessing the Course of Treatment for Heart Failure Patients May Need to Be Set at a Different Standard Level for Women than for Men [06/05/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Aida Turturro, Janice on The Sopranos TV Show, to Tour the Penn Rodebaugh Diabetes Center on June 6 [06/02/06]
    Invitation to Cover: “Sjögren's Walkabout” To Raise Awareness About Debilitating Syndrome [06/02/06]
Pick Your COX Partners [06/01/06]
    Rob Roy MacGregor, MD, Receives Two Honors for Distinguished Career [06/01/06]
    Combination of Three New, High-Powered MRI Systems at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Is a First in the U.S. [05/30/06]
PENN Psychologist Receives Grant to Study Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Alcohol Dependence [05/30/06]
Penn Researchers Start New Clinical Trial to Examine Ways to Improve Treatment of Uterine Fibroids [05/26/06]
    Penn Researcher Uses Computer-Based Screening to Help Identify Domestic Violence Victims [05/23/06]
    Penn Emergency Department Physician Appointed Emergency Medical Services Medical Director for Philadelphia Fire Department [05/23/06]
    Blood Test Predicts Success of Quitting Smoking Using the Nicotine Patch [05/17/06]
Penn Researcher Receives First Annual Prize for Scientific Contributions to Women’s Health from the Society for Women’s Health Research [05/15/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn’s School of Medicine Holds Its 240th Graduation Ceremony [05/12/06]
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Professor Among Four from Penn Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences [05/11/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Celebrates National Nurses Week May 5-12th [05/05/06]
Joan Doyle, RN, MSN, MBA, Executive Director of Penn Home Care & Hospice Services, Named to National Advisory Board [05/04/06]
    NIH Awards $4 Million to the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine to Establish a Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology [05/04/06]
    Researchers Identify Most Effective Current Treatments for Alcohol Dependence [05/03/06]
    America’s First Baby Boomer Turns 60 While Fighting Off the Nation’s Number One Killer, Heart Disease, Under the Guidance of a Penn Vascular Physician [05/02/06]
Expert Advisory: Commentary on How the US Drug Safety System Should Be Changed [05/02/06]
    Penn Participates in National Campaign to Set Guinness World Record for Most Skin-Cancer Screenings in Single Day [05/01/06]
    Invitation to Cover: PENN Medicine / Industry Forum: Pharmaceutical Marketing [04/27/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn’s Center for Bioethics Presents 10th Anniversary Symposium [04/26/06]
    New “Center for Spirituality and the Mind” at Penn Unites Intellectual Resources to Study the Relationship Between Spirituality and Science in the Human Brain [04/25/06]
    Racial Disparities in Medicine: A Matter of Trust? [04/24/06]
    Penn School of Medicine Awarded Nearly $1 Million for African AIDS Program [04/24/06]
Press Kit & Media Briefing: Penn Researchers Discover Gene That Creates Second Skeleton [04/23/06]
Penn Researchers Discover Gene That Creates Second Skeleton [04/23/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn Nutritionist Hosts Screening of Her New TLC Series: “Honey We’re Killing the Kids” [04/20/06]
    Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital and University of Pennsylvania Health System Sign Clinical Affiliation Agreement [04/18/06]
    Ralph W. Muller to Speak at World Health Care Congress on the Fiscal Impact of Medicare Reform [04/17/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Exercise Your Rights… And Your Lefts, Too, with the Penn Transplant Team at the Gift of Life’s 11th Annual Dash Race for Organ Donor Awareness [04/17/06]
    Therapeutic Prospects Beyond Vioxx [04/13/06]
    Penn Professor to Present Research Findings On Radiation-Induced Cancer During 20th Anniversary Conference of Chernobyl Reactor Meltdown [04/12/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Heart Failure Simulator “Rolls In” for Penn’s Medical Community [04/12/06]
    Surgical Critical Care Team at HUP Earns Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence [04/11/06]
    Invitation to Cover: From the Classroom to the Court: Penn Medical Students to Hoop-It-Up Against Faculty in Annual Basketball Game [04/11/06]
Daniel Rader, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania, Selected to Direct a 2006 “Freedom to Discover” Unrestricted Biomedical Research Grant in Cardiovascular Medicine [04/06/06]
    Biomedical Graduate Studies at Penn Awarded Grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute [04/06/06]
Jonathan A. Epstein, MD, Appointed Chair of the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology [04/04/06]
Skip the Blood, Lower the Risk, Reduce the Long Stay: PENN Surgeons Offer Transfusion-Free Heart Surgery to All [03/31/06]
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Ranked #3 in Nation by U.S.News & World Report [03/31/06]
    Penn Researchers Awarded $3.2 Million for Musculoskeletal Disorders Center [03/30/06]
    HIV Accessory Protein Disables Host Immunity Via Receptor-Protein Intermediary [03/30/06]
    Penn Study Shows Smokers Assume a False Sense of Safety from Advertising for Low Nicotine Quest® Cigarettes [03/24/06]
Discovery About Protein Sorting in Pigment Cells Sheds Light on Melanoma, Alzheimer’s Disease [03/22/06]
    Expert Advisory: Penn Experts Lead Assessment of State of Adolescent Mental Health Disorders [03/21/06]
Jon Epstein, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Wins Prestigious Outstanding Investigator Award From AFMR [03/21/06]
    Penn Sleep Physicians Ask “Are You Aware That…” [03/13/06]
    Penn Clinical Chemist Wins Prestigious Ullman Award [03/13/06]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn Experts Discuss Surgical, Psychological, and Bioethical Issues in Face Transplantation [03/13/06]
    Penn Researchers Develop New Test To Detect Rare Proteins in Blood [03/12/06]
Controlling Your (Nerve) Impulses [03/08/06]
Penn Researcher Christopher M. Clark, MD, Selected for National Task Force on Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease [03/08/06]
    Pump It Up: Women May Prevent or Delay “Middle-aged Spread” by Lifting Weights [03/03/06]
    Penn Pairs Chronically Ill Patients With Medical Students to Create Better Doctors [03/03/06]
    Penn Study Finds No Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Mild Thyroid Underactivity [02/28/06]
    Penn Researchers Awarded $1.1 Million for Pulmonary Hypertension Center [02/23/06]
    Use of Statins Shows Improvement in Erectile Performance of Some Men Who Previously Did Not Respond Well to Viagra [02/21/06]
Photo Feature: Stuffed Animals Donated to NICU [02/20/06]
HUP Welcomes a Swedish Invasion [02/17/06]
Common Cell-Nucleus Receptor Is Key Component of Internal Clock [02/16/06]
Penn Researchers Discover Second Molecular Pathway that Promotes Cell Survival During Low Oxygen Conditions [02/16/06]
Penn Researchers Create Technique to Engineer Nerve Tissue “Jumper Cables” to Repair Spinal Cord Injury, in Animal Model [02/16/06]
Penn Neurosurgery Goes 3D [02/14/06]
    Past, Present, and Future: Penn Honors 1st Transplant at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania… And Introduces the Transplant House [02/10/06]
A Bouquet of Responses: Olfactory Nerve Cells Expressing Same Receptor Display a Varied Set of Reactions [02/02/06]
    Missing Steps of Jumping-Gene Replication Discovered [01/31/06]
    Expert Advisory: Candid Thoughts on Women and Heart Disease...from the Women of PENN Medicine [01/31/06]
    A Real Time Look at Interactions Between RNA and Proteins [01/30/06]
    Penn Study Identifies Patients Most At-Risk for Secondary Strokes [01/27/06]
Penn to Test New Thermal Energy Procedure to Reduce Asthmatic Symptoms [01/25/06]
    Race/Ethnicity Differences in Gene Predict Lipid Disorder and Heart-Disease Risk in HIV-1 Infected Patients Taking Protease Inhibitors [01/23/06]
    Pennsylvania Injury Reporting and Intervention System Comes to HUP [01/20/06]
    Program on the Holocaust and the Ethics of Human Subjects Research Established at Penn Center for Bioethics [01/13/06]
    Penn Researchers Call for New Paradigm in Clinical Trials: Individual Factors Must Be Considered When Designing and Interpreting Clinical Trials [01/05/06]
    Penn Study Reveals Prevalence of Night Eating Syndrome Among People With Psychiatric Conditions [01/01/06]

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