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    Penn Researchers Hot on the TRAIL of New Cancer Targets [12/27/07]
    Penn Researchers Discover Link Between Chronic Kidney Disease and Oxygen-Deprived Tissue [12/19/07]
    New Neuroimaging Study Identifies "Brain Signature" for Cigarette Craving [12/19/07]
    HUP Healers Showcase Their Creative Flair at the 13th Annual Holiday Tree Decorating Contest [12/17/07]
    Patti LaBelle Supports Abramson Cancer Center [12/17/07]
    Finding the Right Words: Provider-Patient Discussions Can Help Domestic Violence Victims Speak Up [12/6/07]
    Penn Researchers Find That Participation in Organized High School Activities Lowers Risk of Smoking Three Years After Graduation [12/5/07]
    Penn Researchers Find Mental Health Treatment Extends Lives of Older Patients with Diabetes and Depression [12/5/07]
    Penn Doctor Receives Prestigious Women in Medicine Award from the Association of American Medical Colleges [11/30/07]
    Penn Presentations at American Society of Cell Biology Annual Meeting Touch on Cancer, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Muscular Dystrophy [11/30/07]
    Douglas L. Fraker, MD, Appointed to New Position At Penn's Abramson Cancer Center [11/29/07]
    CT Scans to Determine Heart Disease in the Emergency Room [11/27/07]
    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Effective in Treating Major Depression [11/27/07]
    Oral Drug Sets New Survival Standard for Bone Marrow Cancer [11/21/07]
    Penn Researchers Find Monkeys Able to Fend Off AIDS-like Symptoms with Enhanced HIV Vaccine [11/20/07]
    Penn Researchers Use Brain Imaging to Demonstrate How Men and Women Cope Differently Under Stress
    Fetching New Approaches to Cancer Treatment [11/16/07]
    Penn Researchers Discover a Mechanism to Explain Biological "Cross-Talk" Between 24-Hour Body Cycle and Metabolism [11/15/07]
    Invitation to Cover: Climbing the Ladder Toward Equal Representation [11/15/07]
    Invitation to Cover: PapaCarl's Jam for Life [11/15/07]
    Three University of Pennsylvania Professors Named 2007 AAAS Fellows [11/07/07]
    Penn Researchers Find Increase in Disability Among Older, Obese Adults [11/06/07]
    Do Women Fare Worse with Some Heart Devices? [11/05/07]
    Media Advisory: Milestones in Lung Transplantation [11/02/07]
    A Missed Shot: The Failure of HPV Vaccination State Requirements [11/01/07]
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Study Shows Significant Differences in English- and Spanish-speakers Use of Oncology Websites [11/01/07]
    New Frontiers in Diabetes: Integrating Scientific Advances with Patient Care [10/31/07]
    Invitation to Cover: Frontiers in Cancer Research, Treatment & Resources [10/30/07]
    $5 Million Award to Establish ELSI Research Center [10/25/07]
    Media Advisory: Penn Physicians Offer Free Vascular Screening [10/25/07]
    $4 Million for Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics [10/24/07]
    Penn Researchers Find Emotional Well-being Has No Influence on Cancer Survival [10/22/07]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn Pioneers in Pain Medicine Receive National Pain Foundation Award [10/18/07]
    Invitation to Cover: Healthy Sexuality: Adaptive Skills for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders [10/16/07]
    Penn Physicians Offer Free Vascular Screening [10/12/07]
    Penn Study Suggests Professional Welders at Risk for Loss of Sense of Smell [10/11/07]
    Penn Awarded NIH Grant to Study Cardiovascular Disease Management [10/10/07]
    Four Penn School of Medicine Faculty Named to Institute of Medicine [10/10/07]
  Drusen Model to Study Age-Related Macular Degeneration [10/09/07]
    AIDS-Related Virus Reveals More Ways to Cause Cancer [10/08/07]
  James Shorter, PhD Penn Biochemist Receives NIH New Innovator's Award [10/03/07]
    First Multiple Drug Trial to Attack Blood Vessels in Kidney Cancer [10/03/07]
    Invitation to Cover: The Weight is Over: Newly-Launched Penn Weight Management Program Opens Its Doors [10/02/07]
    Default Options Used to Improve Health Care [10/01/07]
    Setting Sights on Healthy Vision this School Year [09/18/07]
    Unanticipated Consequences of Health Care Information Technology [09/17/07]
    Penn School of Medicine Receives $2.3 Million to Study Biological Indicators of Exposure to Cigarette Smoke [09/14/07]
Brian L Strom MD MPH Epidemiologist Brian Strom MD, MPH, Appointed to Two New Positions at the University of Pennsylvania [09/13/07]
    Pair of Penn Studies Find Residency Requirements Have Different Effects on Patient Mortality [09/04/07]
    Penn Researchers Discover New Mechanism for Viral Replication [08/15/07]
    Penn Researchers Find Diabetes Drug Kills Some Cancer Cells [08/13/07]
    Invitation to Cover: "Myeloma Mobile" Rolls into Philly: Family Cross-country Road TripMakes a Pit Stop at Penn's Abramson Cancer Center [08/10/07]
    Penn Study Finds Pro-Death Proteins Required to Regulate Healthy Immune Function [08/10/07]
    Invitation to Cover: White Coat Signifies Beginning of Medical Career for New Doctors [08/09/07]
    Penn Researchers Discover Novel Pathway for Increasing "Good" Cholesterol [08/08/07]
    Penn Researchers Discover How Key Protein Stops Inflammation [08/07/07]
    Michael Soisson Named Executive Director of Good Shepherd Penn Partners [08/06/07]
  Clinical Trial Study Investigating Vaccine to Treat Brain Tumors Underway at Penn [08/02/07]
    Penn Researchers Discover Pathway that Eliminates Genetic Defects in Red Blood Cells [08/01/07]
    Penn Study Shows Lower Cesarean Rates Associated With Preventive Labor Induction [07/30/07]
  FFANY Check Presentation Proceeds from Televised Fundraiser to Benefit in the Fight Against Breast Cancer at Penn's Abramson Cancer Center [07/30/07]
  Caryn Lerman Penn Abramson Cancer Center Researcher Caryn Lerman, PhD, Receives 2007 Alton Ochsner Award [07/26/07]
  Protein's "Dark Energy" Measuring the Unseeable: Penn Researchers Probe Proteins' "Dark Energy" [07/19/07]
    Penn Researchers Identify New Combination Therapy that Promotes Cancer Cell Death [07/16/07]
    The ABC's of a Healthy School Year [07/16/07]
    U.S.News & World Report Selects the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for "Honor Roll" Status in Its Annual "Best Hospitals" Survey [07/13/07]
  Utrophin Expression at Synapse Penn Researchers Find a New Target for Muscular Dystrophy Drug Therapy [07/12/07]
  Jeanne Rogers Jeanne M. Rogers, RN, MEd, Appointed by Governor Rendell to Serve on PA Cancer Control, Prevention and Research Advisory Board [07/10/07]
    Penn Researchers Discover How microRNAs Control Protein Synthesis [07/09/07]
    Penn's Abramson Cancer Center Launches OncoLife: The First and Only Web-based Adult Cancer Survivorship Care Plan [07/02/07]
    Penn Researchers Develop New Method for Screening Drug-Resistant Forms of HIV [06/28/07]
    Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Awarded Nursing's Highest Honor for Excellence [06/26/07]
    Despite 20 Years of Effort, Unmet Psychosocial Needs of Cancer Patients in Pennsylvania Remain Unchanged [06/25/07]
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Named Newest Morris K. Udall Parkinson's Disease Center of Excellence [06/25/07]
  Photoreceptor Sensory Cilium Penn Study Maps Road to Cure for Inherited Eye Diseases [06/22/07]
    Penn Medical Ethics Professor Appointed to National Research Council Committee [06/14/07]
  Neurodegeneration in Fruit Fly Eye Penn Researchers Link Cell's Protein Recycling Systems [06/13/07]
    New MRI Image Technique Predicts Early Onset of Alzheimer's Disease in Patients with Mild Memory Problems [06/10/07]
    Penn Researchers Find Potential New Target for Type 2 Diabetes [06/08/07]
  Kevin Fox MD Kevin R. Fox, MD, Named First Mariann T. and Robert J. MacDonald Professor in Breast Cancer Care Excellence [06/07/07]
  Stem Cell Loss in Bone Loss of Stem Cells Correlates with Premature Aging in Animal Study, Penn Researchers Find [06/06/07]
    Penn Researchers Demonstrate Key Pathway Linked to Heart Development and Regeneration [06/01/07]
    Media Advisory: Experts from the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania to Present at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology [06/01/07]
    Invitation to Cover: "Sjögren's Walkabout" To Raise Awareness About Debilitating Syndrome [06/01/07]
    David F. Dinges, PhD, Awarded NASA's Distinguished Public Service Medal [05/30/07]
  Rap80 Penn Researchers Home In On Possible New Breast Cancer Gene [05/24/07]
    Penn Researchers Find That COX Inhibitors May Weaken Protective Qualities of Estrogen Hormone Therapy [05/22/07]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn Dermatologists Provide Free Skin Cancer Screenings [05/17/07]
  Regenerated Hair Follicle First Demonstration of New Hair Follicle Generation in an Animal Model [05/16/07]
    Older Patients with Major Depression Live Longer with Appropriate Treatment, Penn Study Shows [05/14/07]
    Invitation to Cover: History Is Made as More Female Than Male Medical Students Graduate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine [05/11/07]
    Invitation to Cover: Judge Rendell, Award-Winning Journalists, and Penn Leaders Kick Off National Nurses Week at New Photo Exhibit [05/04/07]
  TDP-43 ALS Disease Protein New Data Suggests Current Approach to Drug Discovery for Lou Gehrig's Disease Be Re-Examined [05/04/07]
  Nurse Norah Taylor Photo Exhibit Provides Intimate Look at the Intensity and Responsibility of Being Just a Nurse [05/01/07]
    New Research Disproves Widespread Belief that Group Psychotherapy Extends the Lives of Cancer Patients [05/01/07]
    Penn Leads $4 Million Grant to Study Gene-Environment Interactions in Lung Cancer [04/24/07]
    First Demonstration of Muscle Restoration in an Animal Model of Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy [04/23/07]
    New Recommendations on Using Antibiotics Before Dental Procedures to Prevent Infection of Heart Valves, Lining [04/20/07]
    Invitation to Cover: From the Classroom to the Court [04/18/07]
    Penn Study on Lung-Infecting Bacterial Enzyme Suggests New Approach to Cystic Fibrosis Treatment [04/17/07]
  Low-Contrast Letter Chart Penn Researchers Find Treatment for MS also Reduces Vision Loss in MS Patients [04/16/07]
    Invitation to Cover: Kids Swim for the Cure [04/13/07]
    Invitation to Cover: Personalized Medicine: Prospect or Pipedream? [04/11/07]
  Slow Protein Moving Along Axon Stop and Go: Proteins Important in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease Travel in the Slow Lane [04/11/07]
    Penn Study Finds ICD Devices Offer Heart Patients Life-Saving Benefits and Excellent Quality of Life [04/05/07]
  Nanocylinder Go With the Flow: Penn Researchers Show How Nanocylinders Deliver Medicine Better Than Nanospheres [04/05/07]
    Researchers at Penn Study New Airway Bypass Treatment to Help Emphysema Sufferers Breathe Easier [04/04/07]
  Pancreatic Acinar and Insulin-Producing Cells Penn Study Points to New Direction for Pancreas Cell Regeneration [04/03/07]
    The New Science of Saving Lives [04/02/07]
    MRI Aids Cancer Detection in the Opposite Breast of Women Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer [03/30/07]
  Integrin Transmembrane Protein Designed to Bind: Penn Scientists Engineer Small Molecules to Probe Proteins Deep Inside Cell Membrane [03/30/07]
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Ranked #3 in Nation by U.S.News & World Report [03/30/07]
    Invitation to Cover: "For Pete's Sake" [03/22/07]
    Where Should I Have My Outpatient Surgery? [03/19/07]
    Center for Research on Early Detection and Cure of Ovarian Cancer Launches at PENN Medicine [03/19/07]
    Invitation to Cover: The Envelope, Please [03/14/07]
  Cross-Section of Olfactory Sensory Neurons Double Detection: Penn Study on Olfactory Nerve Cells Shows Why We Smell Better When We Sniff [03/13/07]
    Invitation to Cover: Science-Fair Switcheroo, Where Kids Judge the Science [03/13/07]
    Invitation to Cover: PENN Autism Network Conference: Journeys Through Adolescence and Adulthood [03/13/07]
    One-Parent Households Double Risk of Childhood Sexual Abuse [03/13/07]
    Penn Study Shows Transcendental Meditation Can Help Combat Congestive Heart Failure [03/12/07]
  Tumor Cells Without p53 Penn Study Suggests Test for Tumor Suppressor p53 Is Needed to Prescreen Patients for Blood Cancer Drugs [03/09/07]
    Penn Study Finds Common Inhaled Anesthetics Accelerate the Appearance of Brain Plaque in Animal Models [03/09/07]
  MRI Image of Animal Lung (C-13) A Closer Look Inside Our Lungs: Penn Researchers Develop Two Novel Imaging Techniques Aiming for Earlier Detection of Disease [03/06/07]
  T-cell in final stages of division Attacking Autoimmunity: Penn Researchers Discover New Molecular Path to Fight Autoimmune Diseases [03/06/07]
  T-cell in final stages of division Making Daughters Different: Penn Study Shows How Immune Cells Take Divergent Paths When Fighting Infections [03/01/07]
  Delivery of Cotara to Brain 28-Year Old Penn Patient, Undergoing Treatment for Deadly Brain Tumor, Stresses Importance of Clinical Trials [02/22/07]
    Penn Researchers Find That Chronic Dizziness May Be Caused By Psychiatric and Neurologic Illnesses [02/20/07]
  Press Kit First Molecular Evidence of Body's Internal Clock in Controlling Blood Pressure [02/19/07]
  Press Kit Press Kit: 46-Year-Old Man Receives First Temporary Total Artificial Heart in Northeast U.S. From Penn Cardiac Surgeons [02/19/07]
  Temporary Total Artificial Heart UPDATE: 46-Year-Old Man Receives First Temporary Total Artificial Heart in Northeast U.S. From Penn Cardiac Surgeons [02/19/07]
  Fetal Heart Enzyme Fetal Heart-Cell Enzyme Important in Onset of Heart Failure [02/19/07]
    Invitation to Cover: 46-Year-Old Man Receives First Temporary Total Artificial Heart in Northeast U.S. From Penn Cardiac Surgeons [02/16/07]
    Invitation to Cover: PENN Addiction Researcher Presents Talk on Promising Approaches in the Treatment of Drug Addiction at AAAS Annual Meeting [02/15/07]
    Penn Study Based on Abu Ghraib Suggests Military Veterans Highly Tolerant of Detainee Abuse [02/08/07]
    Standard Therapy More Effective than Diabetes Drug in Helping Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Achieve Pregnancy [02/07/07]
    Penn Study Suggests New Model for Testing and Discovery of Anti-HIV Drugs [02/07/07]
    Penn Awarded $2 Million Grant from Keck Foundation for Fundamental Research on Parkinson’s Disease [02/06/07]
  Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, MPH Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, MPH, of the University of Pennsylvania, Wins 2007 Red Dress Award From Woman’s Day Magazine [01/31/07]
  Microglial Activation Targeting Tau: Inflammation Study Suggests New Approach for Fighting Alzheimer’s [01/31/07]
    Invitation to Cover: “Why Curse? Why Not?” [01/30/07]
  Microtubules with Molecular Motors Molecular Motors and Brakes Work Together in Cells [01/30/07]
  Press Kit: Good Shepherd and the University of Pennsylvania Health System Form New Organization to Enhance Rehabilitation Care in the Region [01/23/07]
    Good Shepherd and the University of Pennsylvania Health System Form New Organization to Enhance Rehabilitation Care in the Region [01/23/07]
    The University of Pennsylvania Health System Agrees to Purchase Graduate Hospital from Tenet Healthcare Corporation [01/23/07]
    Invitation to Cover: The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Celebrates Giving the Gift of Life [01/17/07]
  Stretch-grown Axon Conceptualizing a Cyborg [01/17/07]
  Mrs. Elizabeth Kendall Retired Penn Nurse Donates a Million Dollars to Former Employer, the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Radiation Oncology, to Establish Fellowship [01/15/07]
  Fibrinogen Molecule Exploring the Molecular Origin of Blood Clot Flexibility [01/12/07]
  Coronary Atherosclerosis Penn Researchers Demonstrate Ability of New Therapy to Treat Patients With Severely Elevated Cholesterol Levels [01/10/07]

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