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June 16, 2005

Michael T. Mennuti, MD, Named President
of the American College of Obstetricians
and Gynecologists

(Philadelphia, PA) Michael T. Mennuti, MD, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, has been named the 56th President of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), based in Washington, DC. His inauguration took place during ACOG’s Annual Clinical Meeting held recently in San Francisco.

During his acceptance speech, Mennuti addressed the need for major changes within the OB/GYN specialty. “The challenges we are facing are truly bringing obstetrics and gynecology to a breaking point. Our traditional ways of doing things may no longer be effective,” said Mennuti.

Mennuti noted that the demands of improving patient safety, ever-increasing regulations and the need to keep pace with new scientific developments and clinical guidelines, threaten to overwhelm today’s obstetrician-gynecologist. “In practice, we already feel hammered on every front,” he added. “The medical liability insurance crisis extends to all areas of medicine but has hit our specialty the hardest. Compounding our liability risk is the pressure to see more and more patients in less time. Something’s got to give. We need new tools and creative solutions in both training and practice,” he said.

He also discussed developments in genomic medicine and information technology and how innovations in these fields will significantly impact how OB-GYNs are trained and how they practice medicine. Acknowledging that it would, indeed, be challenging to make changes in the training and practice models that are known and comfortable, Mennuti remains optimistic. “Even in the face of such daunting challenges, I have no doubt that we will change and we will continue to provide the highest quality of care to all women and we will continue to find joy in our day-to-day care of patients.”

Board certified in maternal-fetal medicine, clinical genetics, and clinical cytogenetics, Mennuti began his career at PENN in 1969, and served as Chair of the Department of Obstetric and Gynecology from 1987 to 2005. He is also a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Human Genetics, and Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Mennuti is currently the Director of Reproductive Genetics and the Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis Program at PENN. His practice focuses on high-risk pregnancy consultation and prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases in the fetus. His current research and clinical interests include serum screening for Down syndrome, screening for cystic fibrosis, and prevention of folic acid dependent neural tube defects.

Mennuti currently serves as the Chairman of the Clinical Practices Executive Committee of the University of Pennsylvania. He also serves on the Trustee Board of the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania (ex-officio), and the Trustee Board of the Clinical Care Associates of the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

A long active ACOG member, Mennuti has served as secretary since May 2001, as past chair of ACOG District III (DE, NJ, PA) and has chaired the Committee on Credentials, the Cystic Fibrosis Steering Committee, and the Committee on Obstetric Practice. He has also been a member of several additional ACOG committees including the ACOG Health Care Commission, Committee on Long-Range Planning, and the Committee on Genetics.

A native of Trenton, NJ, Dr. Mennuti is a graduate of Georgetown University College of Arts and Sciences and Georgetown University School of Medicine. He completed his obstetrics and gynecology residency and his fellowships in maternal-fetal medicine and genetics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

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