JUNE 5, 2006
  Penn Researchers Reveal Inner Workings of Transcription Factor Protein In Neuronal Cell Dendrites
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Time course of cell death for neurons which have been phototransfected with Elk-1 mRNA. In the first panel (O mins.) the lightning bolts and squares show the region of the dendrite into which the mRNA was phototransfected. By 180 mins clear indications of cell death in a cell soma attached to the phototransfected dendrite is observed (arrow) and by 420 minutes
other cell somas attached to phototransfected dendrites are observed to be dying. Other cells whose dendrites are not phototrasfected are observed to be healthy in this image.

Image Credit: Lindy Barrett, PhD and Jai Yoon Sul, PhD, Univeristy of Pennsylvania School of Medcine; Nature Methods, June 2006


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