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Penn Medicine Basic and Translational Research

Penn Medicine Basic and Translational Research Microsite

The basic research findings emerging from Penn Medicine's laboratories advance the treatment of a wide range of diseases and medical conditions, as well as provide the foundation on which many of medicine's next generation of cures will be developed. This site brings together in one place information about those discoveries. This is a virtual portal to content describing the work and achievements of Penn Medicine's biomedical research community.

Penn Medicine Office Space Project.

Penn Medicine Office Space

For some, an office is just another place to be during the day. For others, it's an expression of who they are, where they've been, or where they want to go. Penn Medicine Office Space highlights some of the latter, looking at various interesting offices from around the health system. From medical oddities to antiques to art both old and new, one thing is clear: Some of the most interesting things to see here at Penn Medicine aren't necessarily found in the clinical setting.

Penn Medicine: Did You Know

Penn Medicine: Did You Know ...?

There are plenty of interesting little tidbits about Penn Medicine's history, accomplishments and daily operations that we don't typically get to share ... so in February of 2014, we tried something new on our Facebook page: A fact a day, a photo a day, every day for one month. Enjoy!

Penn Medicine student Sarah Chu is happy with her Internal Medicine residency match at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in 2009.

Match Day at Penn Medicine

Each year, Penn Medicine students and medical students across the country count down to the third Thursday in March, known as “Match Day.” On that fateful day, the wait is over as the fourth-year medical students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and nationwide, find out where they will be completing their residencies. See stories and first-hand accounts here from Penn Medicine students participating in Match Day.

Penn Medicine Celebrates American Heart Month

Penn Medicine Celebrates American Heart Month

To celebrate February as American Heart Month, the News Blog is highlighting some of the latest heart-centric news and stories from all areas of Penn Medicine.

Penn Medicine Abroad — From Philadelphia to Botswana

Penn Medicine Abroad From Philadelphia to Botswana

This summer, several Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania students will travel to Botswana as part of the Botswana-UPenn Partnership. The program is designed to share the expertise of a world-class university with our partners in Botswana to build capacity and excellence in clinical care, education, and research. Read a first-hand account here of this exciting journey from one Penn Medicine student.

Penn's new Translational Research Center

Translational Research In Action

In the spring of 2011, Penn is celebrating the opening of the Smilow Center for Translational Research — a new home for Penn Medicine's emphasis on translating breakthroughs in the lab to clinical therapies for patients. This series of stories describes a selection of translational research projects and efforts underway at Penn Medicine.

Peter Nowell and David Hungerford

Legacy of the Philadelphia Chromosome Discovery

The relationship between chromosome alterations and cancer had been debated for more than one hundred years. The first direct link between chromosomal abnormalities to any malignancy came with the discovery of the Philadelphia Chromosome in 1960 by Peter Nowell at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the late David Hungerford from the Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Institute for Cancer Research. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of this discovery, in 2010, Dr. Nowell is being honored with the Franklin Institute’s Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Science and an honorary doctor of science degree from Penn. Nowell is also a recipient of the Albert Lasker Award for Medical Research.

Peter Nowell and David Hungerford

Penn Medicine Celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week

Each year, Penn Medicine celebrates National Patient Safety Awareness Week with activities and training initiatives designed to get staff members talking about and learning more about something that’s at the heart of what Penn Medicine stands for: Keeping patients safe while they’re in our hospitals. For Safety Week in 2011, we're featuring stories that highlight some of Penn Medicine's most innovative initiatives for meeting -- and exceeding – important patient-safety goals.