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Day 3 Morning Report

Mountains in Haiti

Photo by Michael Ashburn

Good morning. We had an uneventful evening. We were able to spend some time with our hosts, assisted by Prestege Beer. Between sips we put together today's OR schedule.

We posted 10 cases, 1 of which was transfered to Port au Prince last night. Cases range from a hernia repair in a 2-year-old, lots of orthopedic cases, ending with an open cholycystectomy in a pregnant HIV positive patient.

In addition, our team will try to assist with dressing changes as much as possible. These folks are not able to receive analgesia-anesthesia before these procedures, and we hope to help with this.

Our hosts are incredible. The PIH staff include volunteers who are medical students and residents. They are bright and work very hard.  They made great effort to get us integrated into the flow of things, something they have to do very often as teams come and go.

The local staff are also working very hard. They continue to impress us with the efforts they are making to help us help them.

Operating Rooms

In the OR we are running 2 rooms. We will be working with an anesthesiologist from Cuba, as well as CRNA students. They actually run a CRNA school here.   Of course, there us the problem of not being able to say anything to them, since neither Tom or I speak Spanish or French. Lots of hand waving.

The ORs are small but functional. The anesthesia machines have Sevi and Forane. They were very happy we brought LMAs, which they prefer to use. They reuse an LMA until it wears out.  Intubation is less desired.

They seem interested in regional but do not seem to use it much. We will I troduce it to them today, as we plan on a fem pop block for the pregnant lady.

We have identified 41 cases to do and have not yet seen everyone. In addition they admit new folks daily through a small ER. I think the pace will be steady but not crushing until we leave.


This report was written by Michael Ashburn, MD, MPH, MBA, during his participation in Haitian relief efforts through Penn Medicine in coordination with Partners in Health.


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