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Morning of Day 4

Penn Medicine Team on the morning of Day 4 in Haiti

Photo by Michael Ashburn

Good morning from the steps of the Friendship House. While waking up this morning we were met by beautiful African music coming from the church. Not a bad way to start the day.

Looking Back on Day 3

We finished up yesterday a little before midnight. However, Derick and Bab had to return to tend to a patient with some post- op bleeding.

We did 13 cases yesterday, including several children. Two were ASA 4*, and several more were 3's. One was on a dopamine infusion (no pump) on the floor for pressure support.

Working on Pacing Skills

Today we are working on our pacing skills, and have established a schedule we hope to follow for the remainder of our stay. Patient rounds at 0630, resupply at 0730, breakfast at 0800, team meeting at 0820, operations start at 0930, lunch- dinner at 1430, more operating in the afternoon, finish OR cases by 1900. We will work in a couple of hours of wound rounds in the afternoon.

Wish us luck!

*Ed. note: ASA is an acuity rating; 5 is the highest.


This report was written by Michael Ashburn, MD, MPH, MBA, during his participation in Haitian relief efforts through Penn Medicine in coordination with Partners in Health.


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