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August 2005

Otter Adaptations: How Do Otters Remain Sleek and Warm [08/18/05]
Stopping Killer “Bubbles” -- PENN Surgeons Are Now Using and Teaching a Novel Stent-Deployment Device to Barricade Deadly Aneurysms [08/17/05]
Penn Researchers Discover Key to How SARS Virus Infects Cells [08/01/05]

July 2005

Mood Lighting: Penn Researchers Determine Role of Serotonin in Modulating Circadian Rhythm [07/07/05]

June 2005

"Laser Tweezers" Permit Penn Researchers to Describe Microscopic Mechanical Properties of Blood Clots [06/23/05]
Penn Researchers Discover Mutation in
Mouse Circulatory Gene That Mimics A Form of Congenital Heart Disease

May 2005

Penn Study Shows Liver Receptor Key To
Diet-Dependent Differences in Blood Lipid Levels

April 2005

Penn Researchers Determine Structure of Binding Site of Colon-Cancer Drug and Its Protein Target [04/18/05]

January 2005

Study of Hypoxia and New Gene Reveals Early-Stage Action of p53 Tumor Suppressor Gene [01/04/05]


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