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  B Cell Development Editing Errors: Penn Study Finds Reduction in Antibody Gene Rearrangement in B Cells Related to Type 1 Diabetes, Lupus [12/22/08]
  Yvonne Paterson and Susan R. Weiss, AAAS Fellows Two University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Microbiologists Named 2008 AAAS Fellows [12/22/08]
    Psoriasis Is Often Undiagnosed and Is Associated With An Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Coronary Artery Disease [12/15/08]
  Newly Discovered Esophagus Stem Cells Grow Into Transplantable Tissue, Penn Study Finds [12/15/08]
  100 Top Hospitals Penn Presbyterian Medical Center Named To Thomson Reuters Top 100 Cardiovascular Hospitals for Sixth Year [12/11/08]
    Penn Research Probes Genetic Underpinnings of Nicotine Addiction [12/9/08]
    Penn Hospice “Light Up a Life” Events Honor Loved Ones During Holiday Season [12/1/08]
    Molecular Partnership Controls Daily Rhythms, Body Metabolism [11/26/08]
  HLA-A structure Understanding Donor-Recipient Genetics Could Decrease Early Kidney Transplant Complications, Penn Study Suggests [11/25/08]
  Haig H Kazazian Jr, MD Penn Geneticist Receives Top Award from American Society of Human Genetics [11/24/08]
    Easing the Burdens Placed on Patient Families: PENN Medicine to Build Philadelphia’s First Adult Transplant House [11/24/08]
  Form and Function: Penn Scientists Discover Cells Reorganize Shape to Fit the Situation [11/21/08]
  Michael P Nusbaum, PhD Penn Researcher Receives $2.7 Million NIH Grant for Neuroscience [11/18/08]
  Invitation to Cover: First Philadelphia Inpatient Hospice Facility Provides Comfort and Care to Patients and Families [11/17/08]
    Heart Disease Patients May Not Benefit from Depression Screening [11/13/08]
  Stem Cells with Potential to Regenerate Injured Liver Tissue Identified by Penn Researchers [11/12/08]
  Engineered Killer T-Cell Recognizes HIV-1’s Lethal Molecular Disguises [11/10/08]
    News Brief: PENN Medicine Psychiatrists Find Combination Medication, Extended Treatment Reduce Teen Opiate Addiction Relapses [11/4/08]
    Penn Scientists Map Molecular Regulation of Fat-Cell Genetics [11/4/08]
  B-cell receptor and Blys Penn Scientists Show How Body Determines Optimal Amount of Germ-Fighting B Cells [11/3/08]
  Shh brain enhancer Penn Researchers Find Key to Sonic Hedgehog Control of Brain Development [10/28/08]
    Structure and Signaling in Normal and Diseased Muscle — Symposium Announcement via the Office of University Communications [10/28/08]
    Better Instructions Reduce Complications Among Patients Using Common Blood Thinner [10/27/08]
    Institute of Medicine Names Six New Members from Penn [10/13/08]
    Penn Takes Part in NIH Initiative to Find Treatments for Menopause [10/3/08]
  Model of the C5a molecule, part of the immune complement system. Penn Study Shows Immune System Can Hurt As Well As Help Fight Cancer [9/29/08]
  Carl June, MD Penn Researcher Receives $1 Million Grant for Cancer Gene Therapy Research [9/24/08]
  Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine Media Toolkit for The Ruth and Raymond Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine [9/24/08]
    Penn Medicine Advances Real-Time Medicine: The Ruth and Raymond Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine Helps Heal Patients Through Innovative Building Design [9/24/08]
    Penn Scientists Test Novel Medication to Block Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease [9/23/08]
  Eberwine and Gitler Penn Researchers Receive Prestigious NIH Director’s Pioneer and New Innovator Awards [9/22/08]
  Plaques due to atherosclerosis in darapladib-treated vessels (bottom) are less severe and complex as compared to non-darapladib-treated control groups. Credit: Robert L. Wilensky, MD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; Nature Medicine. Penn Researchers Show that Inhibiting Cholesterol-Associated Protein Reduces High-Risk Blockages in Arteries [9/22/08]
    Penn Researchers Use Honeybee Venom Toxin to Develop a New Tool for Studying Hypertension [9/16/08]
    Penn Researchers Identify Natural Tumor Suppressor [9/9/08]
  red stain showing Parkinsons proteins in rat brain cells Penn Study Finds Way to Prevent Protein Clumping Characteristic of Parkinson’s Disease [8/15/08]
    Invitation to Cover: Incoming Class of University of Pennsylvania Medical Students Receive White Coats to Mark Start of Medical Careers [8/15/08]
    Invitation to Cover: Philadelphia Camp Erin [8/14/08]
    Expert Advisory: Organ Donation After Cardiac Death [8/13/08]
  liver cells showing accumulation of proteins Penn Researchers Find a New Role for a 'Foxy Old Gene' [8/1/08]
    Searching for Shut Eye: Penn Study Identifies Possible Sleep Gene [7/29/08]
    Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease Earlier: Penn Researchers Identify Promising Indicators [7/28/08]
  John Gearhart John Gearhart, Stem Cell Pioneer, Named Penn’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine Director and PIK Professor [7/28/08]
    Penn Experts to Present at Society for Developmental Biology Annual Meeting [7/28/08]
    Calcium May be the Key to Understanding Alzheimer's Disease [7/18/08]
    Analysis of Quickly Stopped Rx Orders Provides New Tool for Reducing Medical Errors [7/18/08]
    Penn Scientist Selected as One of Seven Rita Allen Foundation Scholars [7/17/08]
  U.S. News Best Hospitals Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Ranked in Top 10 of “Honor Roll” in U.S.News & World Report Best Hospitals Survey [7/11/08]
    Novel Approach May Protect Against Heart Attack Injury [7/10/08]
    Sensing Tension: Molecular Motor Works By Detecting Minute Changes in Force, Find Penn Researchers [7/9/08]
    Penn Students and Researcher Given Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early-Career Awards [7/2/08]
    Penn Animal Study Identifies New DNA Weapon Against Avian Flu [7/1/08]
    Penn Scientist Selected as One of This Year's Twenty Pew Scholars in Biomedical Sciences [7/1/08]
    Penn School of Medicine Partnership Receives Community-Campus Health Award [7/1/08]
    Penn Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research Receives Gift from Bilger Foundation [7/1/08]
    Penn Researchers Identify Flaws in the Barcoded Technology Used to Reduce Medication Administration Errors [7/1/08]
    Zinc Finger Proteins Put Personalized HIV Therapy Within Reach [6/30/08]
    Penn Animal Study Suggests Inadequate Sleep May Exacerbate Cellular Aging in the Elderly [6/27/08]
    Penn Researchers Propose Major Changes to Informed Consent for Transplantation [6/26/08]
    Penn Researchers Find Key Developmental Pathway Activates Lung Stem Cells [6/17/08]
  Brain of ALS patient showing TDP-43 density Lou Gehrig’s Disease Protein Found Throughout Brain, Suggesting Effects Beyond Motor Neurons, Find Penn Researchers [6/16/08]
  Kenric Murayama Penn Presbyterian Medical Center Appoints New Chief of Surgery [6/11/08]
    Invitation to Cover: Staying Sharp into Your Sixties, Seventies, and Beyond: The Art & Science of Successful Aging, June 27 [6/11/08]
  Sara Aton, PhD Penn Post-Doc Receives L’Oréal USA Fellowship For Women in Science [6/4/08]
    Penn Announces $50 Million Gift From Anne and Jerome Fisher for New Translational Medicine Research Center [6/3/08]
    Zhe Lu, MD, PhD Selected as Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator [6/3/08]
    Penn Experts to Present at the International Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting June 11-14 [6/3/08]
    New Method of Managing Risk in Pregnancy Leads to Healthier Newborns, Better Outcomes for Moms [6/2/08]
    Penn Researchers Gain New Insights on Spinal Muscle Atrophy [5/29/08]
  Alice Chen-Plotkin Penn Neurodegenerative Disease Researcher Receives Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award and AAN Foundation/ALS Association Clinician-Scientist Development Fellowship [5/28/08]
  Argos protein acts as decoy Fruit Fly Protein Acts as Decoy to Capture Tumor Growth Factors, Find Penn Researchers [5/28/08]
  Oxidative stress reaction to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

A New Way to Look at Lung Cancer and Tobacco Carcinogens: Penn Researchers Find New Links in Critical Chemical Pathway [5/27/08]

  Brian Strom, MD, MPH Brian Strom Receives John Phillips Memorial Award [5/23/2008]
    More Patients With Drug-Coated Cardiac Stents Survive, Avoid Costly and Invasive Follow-Up Procedures [5/22/08]
    “Blood-Free” Monitoring as Good as Blood Tests in Predicting the Course of AIDS, Find Penn Researchers [5/20/08]
    Invitation to Cover: Penn Skin Cancer Specialists Provide Free Screenings May 31, 2008 [5/19/08]
  Alzheimer's disease fibers Penn Researchers Discover How Small Molecule Can Take Apart Disease-Associated Protein Fibers [5/16/08]
    Free Stem Cell Symposia to be Held June 10, 2008 [5/15/08]
    Pay for Performance Incentives May Backfire Among Safety-Net Hospitals [5/13/08]
    Six University of Pennsylvania Professors Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences [4/28/08]
  retina photo Gene Therapy Improves Vision in Patients with Congenital Retinal Disease [4/27/08]
  press kit Press Kit: Gene Therapy Improves Vision in Patients with Congenital Retinal Disease [4/27/08]
  Jean Bennett and Al Maguire Behind the Headline: Labs, Love, and . . . a Vision [4/27/08]
    Yeast Rises to the Occasion: Penn Researchers Find Potential in Yeast for Selecting Lou Gehrig’s Disease Drugs [4/17/08]
    Hunting Down Cancer Susceptibility Genes: Breast Cancer Risk Amplified by Additional Genes in Combination With Damaged BRCA Genes [4/16/08]

Penn Researchers Discover 'Modus Operandi' of Heart Muscle Protein  [4/10/08]


Penn Researchers Find Promising Discovery for Developing Cancer Treatments Directed at Critical Developmental Pathway [4/10/08]


Fork in the Road? Penn Researchers Find That Cells on Path to Becoming Mature T-Cells More Flexible Than Commonly Thought [4/9/08]

    Is Two Better Than One? Double Binding Sites on Tumor Target May Provide Future Combination Therapy, Suggest Penn Researchers [4/8/08]
    More Genes for Lou Gehrig’s Disease Identified, According to Penn Researchers [4/7/08]

A Tale of Two Pathways: Molecular Biology of Sleep Apnea Could Lead to New Treatments [3/18/08]

    Invitation to Cover: Brain Injury Awareness Benefit at the Philadelphia Flyers Game [3/18/08]
    Penn Researchers Engineer First System of Human Nerve-Cell Tissue [2/26/08]
    Bacterial Toxin Closes Gate on Immune Response, Penn Researchers Discover [2/13/08]
    Media Advisory: PENN Childhood Obesity Researchers Panelists at AAAS Town Hall Event [2/11/08]
    FREE Prostate Cancer Screenings at Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center [2/08/08]
    RNA-Associated Introns Guide Nerve-Cell Channel Production, Penn Researchers Find [2/05/08]
    Zilver Trial Aims to Offer High-Tech Relief for Peripheral Arterial Disease[2/4/08]
    Older Americans Suffer Serious Access Limitations to Exercise Their Right to Vote[1/31/08]
    African Americans Less Likely to Choose Epidurals for Post-Operative Pain Relief, Penn Research Finds [1/31/08]
    Penn Researchers Discover New Target for Preventing and Treating Flu [1/30/08]
    Invitation to Cover: 220-Ton Particle Accelerator for World's Largest Proton Therapy Center Arrives in Philadelphia [1/25/08]
    Neurology Journal Devotes Special Issue to Penn Research [1/25/08]
    Penn Researchers Find that Alzheimer's Molecule is a Smart Speed Bump on the Nerve-Cell Transport Highway [1/17/08]
    Anyone Can Save a Life: Penn Researchers Lead National Efforts to Improve CPR Quality [1/15/08]
    Two Different Neural Pathways Regulate Loss and Regain of Consciousness During General Anesthesia [1/14/08]
    Expert Advisory: Putting a Human Face on Stem Cell Research [1/11/08]
    Snoozing Worms Help Penn Researchers Explain the Evolution of Sleep [1/8/08]
    Colonoscopy Fears Overcome When Patients Support Patients [1/8/08]

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