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Photo Guidelines

Photographs supplied by Penn Medicine or by a freelance photographer are copyrighted materials that may not be manipulated without express consent from the copyright holder either the photographer or Penn Medicine department/office that owns the photo.

Manipulation is defined as adding to, subtracting from or otherwise adjusting a photograph in such as way as to significantly change the nature of the image.

Minor editing color correction, cropping, and subtle retouching that does not change the photograph in a substantial way is permissible, though good judgment must be exercised when making such adjustments.

Use of University Trademarks, Symbols, Locations

The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Health System names (including their individual entities and programs, etc.), seals and logos may not be used without the written permission of Penn Medicine. Written permission is also required for the use of University logo clothing and other items, such as pennants, for use as costumes and set dressing.

To request high-resolution images of our campus and faculty, as well as images from our news releases, please call (215) 662-2560.

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