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Professionalism and Wellness Programs

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology promotes professionalism and physician wellness through a number of initiatives.  We recognize that in a rapidly changing health care environment we must preserve and strengthen our core values – integrity, altruism, duty to serve, empathy, compassion and respect – to maintain the highest standards of excellence in the practice of medicine, to ensure the well-being of our patients and to address their health care needs.


Our Goals:

  • Provide high quality patient-centric care to patients and seek to improve their access to care with respect and concern
  • Support and respect our colleagues  and appreciate their skills and talent
  • Adhere to the highest levels of professional and ethical conduct
  • Be compassionate towards our patients and colleagues
  • Lead by example, with positive attitude and calm temperament
  • Engage in lifelong learning
  • Strive for professional excellence and seek opportunities to improve my performance
  • Show respect and concern for every patient as an individual
  • Be sensitive to in the impact of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, beliefs, behaviors, and disabilities on patients’ experiences and decision-making
  •  Recognize the signs of burnout in ourselves and others and seek or offer help when necessary
  • Commit to professional and personal growth

New Initiatives:

  • Establish the OBGYN Resident Professionalism and Wellness Committee
  • Establish the E.L.M. Endowed Resident fund to support the professional development and training of ObGyn residents
  • Develop a professionalism code of conduct and contract
  • Lecture series on professionalism, wellness, social determinants of health
  • Introduce a formal residency wellness curriculum
  • Encourage engagement in wellness initiatives & equip residents with knowledge and tools to improve their own wellness
  • Participate in the Penn Medicine Faculty Wellness campaign
  • Leverage physician well-being resources at Penn

Annual Awards:

The John J. Mikuta, MD Award for Professionalism in Women’s Health recognizes an individual in the department who demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of excellence in the practice of medicine, embraces the core values, and is committed to the welfare of their patients and the health care needs of women.

The Sharon Youcha, MD Compassionate Patient Care Award is an annual award for an ObGyn resident at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) who acts compassionately toward others and themselves, treats patients with care and respect, has excellent listening and empathic skills and see patients as whole people.

Past Recipients:

The John J. Mikuta, MD Award for Professionalism in Women’s Health

Juan M. Gonzelez, MD


Thomas A. Molinaro, MD


Sindhu K. Srinivas, MD,MSE


Steven J. Sondheimer, MD


Peter Chen, MD


Laura H. Cooney, MD


Coleen Walls, LPN


Danielle L. Burkland, MD


Elizabeth A. Lynn, CRNP


Sarah Kim, MD, MCE


The Sharon Youcha, MD Compassionate Patient Care Award

Alyssa Colwill, MD


Joy Cooper, MD


Daniel Lee, MD