Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology


Core Didactics

The Core Curriculum is covered in Problem Based Learning (PBL) sessions, Case Management Conferences, Lectures and Workshops. For PBLs and case conferences, clinical situations have been chosen to stimulate a discussion of the important issues surrounding each case and to promote information synthesis, decision-making and problem-solving. Students are expected to research the clinical problems for the PBL prior to class and are encouraged to participate. There are some topics that you are responsible for but are designated for self-study in the syllabus.

Interdisciplinary sessions on adolescent health care and domestic abuse will be held with Pediatrics.

Every student is required to attend the video lecture and gynecology exam workshop on the first day of the rotation. Basic skill workshops on suturing and knot tying, foley insertion, venipuncture and spontaneous vaginal delivery are held at the Penn Clinical Simulation Center at Rittenhouse.

Attendance at all sessions is mandatory.

Power Point presentations, problem based learning (PBL) sessions, lecture objectives and/or notes are available for the following sessions:

Orientation to OB/GYN

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding


Domestic Violence

Hypertensive Disorder

Menopause / Post-Reproductive GYN

Menstrual Cycle and Physiology

Normal Labor & Delivery / Management of Labor

Obstetric Hemorrhage

Pelvic Pain

Physiology of Pregnancy

Postpartum Depression

Prenatal Genetics

Urinary Incontinence


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