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Women's Health Certificate Program

Sponsored by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and FOCUS on Health & Leadership for Women.

Goal: To provide concentrated experiences in women’s health spanning research, clinical training and community outreach.

Contact:  Patricia Scott (, 215-898-3562)


  • Intensive Summer Experience in Women's Health (6 to 8 weeks during the summer between 1st and 2nd year) – choice of one of the following:


  • Seminar Attendance related to Women’s Health (12 seminars minimum) between 1st and mid-December of final year of medical school such as Grand Rounds in OBGYN or other departments on women’s health issues, and relevant FOCUS Lunchtime Seminars.

Contact: Marian Rossi ( to be placed on email notification of OBGYN grand rounds

  • Elective in Women’s Health (1 month) – choice of one of the following:
    • Maternal Child Health (Fam 350) - or - Any elective in the UME course catalogue listed under Obstetrics & Gynecology - Breast Imaging or Women's Imaging in Radiology - Breast Surgery in Surgery

              - or -

              One of the following three additional elective options:

    • Penn Health for Women at Radnor (Coordinators: Drs. Ann Honebrink, Director of Penn Health for Women, and Dr. Allison Oler, internist)
    • The Ludmir Center at Pennsylvania Hospital (Coordinator: Dr. Sabrina Sukhan)
    • Family Planning (Coordinators: Dr. Courtney Schreiber, Director of PEACE, and Dr. Steve Sondheimer)

    (See detailed descriptions that follow)

Contact: Philip Mccabe ( to make arrangements to participate in an elective.  Requirement: completion of all clerkships.

Contact: Hillary R. Bogner, MD MSCE ( for guidance about research opportunities and for approval of your project idea/proposal.

Contact: Patricia Scott ( for more information about this component and the FOCUS Fellowship.

Electives in Women’s Health

Penn Health for Women at Radnor
Coordinators: Dr. Ann Honebrink, Director of Penn Health for Women and Dr. Allison Oler

Description:  Penn Health for Women is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to providing the highest quality health care to women of all ages. Comprehensive services are provided in one convenient location by a team of gynecologists, obstetricians, internists, pediatric & adolescent gynecologist, urogynecologist, reproductive endocrinologists, breast surgeon, psychologists, and nutritionist.  Special programs including yoga, Pilates, weight control & sleep are also available. Close collaborative relationship with other available services on site such as radiology, dermatology, cardiology and GI.

Objective:  To expose the student to a multi-disciplinary collaborative approaches to primary health care for women.  Students will have an opportunity to participate in patient care with different team members as well as meet with the Director of Operations and Patient Services and the practice manager to gain an appreciation of management issues.


  1. Understand the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach to Women's Health care
  2. Understand the components of appropriate preventive care for women
  3. Appreciate the administrative challenges and benefits of operating a multi-disciplinary program

Availability: All months except July, August and October.

The Ludmir Center at Pennsylvania Hospital

Coordinator: Dr. Sabrina Sukhan

Description: The Ludmir Center, formerly Women’s and Children’s Health Services (WCHS), is dedicated to providing health care services to women of all ages from our community and surrounding areas. Most of our patients are underserved and enjoy coming because of our reputation for excellence in a caring environment. Health services include: family planning, prenatal care, colposcopy and gynecology. The care is provided by a team of physicians, nurses, social workers, and nutritionists.

Objective: To familiarize the student to gynecologic and obstetric issues faced by women from underserved and diverse populations. The student will have the opportunity to be an active participant in the care of these women, and have exposure to the challenges and dilemmas in providing health care to them.

Family Planning
Description:  PEACE provides a full range contraceptive choices, option counseling, as well as medications and surgical abortion care.

Objectives:  To expose students to family planning and abortion services in the Family Planning Program.  Students will participate in patient care, as well as meet with counselors, lawyers, and others involved in the provision of abortion service in Philadelphia.


  1. Understand each of the contraceptive choices available, including benefits, efficacy, counseling issues, and contraindications
  2. Understand options counseling and its components
  3. Understand the components of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act
  4. Learn about abortion services in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia
  5. Understand the components of medications and surgical abortion  

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