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Ovarian Research

The Penn Ovarian Cancer Research Center

Ron Drapkin, MD, PhD

Department of OBGYN
University of Pennsylvania
Biomedical Research Building
421 Curie Blvd., Rm. 1215
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Telephone: 215.746.3973

Please visit: Drapkin Lab

The Penn Ovarian Cancer Research Center (OCRC), established in 2007, serves as a catalyst to promote comprehensive and interdisciplinary research on ovarian cancer in collaboration with the Jordan Center for Gynecologic Cancer, the Abramson Cancer Center, the Basser Center for BRCA, the Wistar Institute, and the Penn Immunotherapy Program, as well as numerous local, national and international investigators and clinicans.

The OCRC has five major goals:

  • Develop new methods for early detection of ovarian cancer
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of ovarian cancer pathogenesis
  • Characterize the genetic factors that drive the development of hereditary and sporadic forms of ovarian cancer
  • Develop new approaches to treat and prevent ovarian cancer
  • Support clinical trials to assess safety and efficacy of new treatments

The ultimate goal of these programs is to improve the quality of life for women with ovarian cancer and provide guidance and support to their families.

Patient care and clinical trials are conducted in the Jordan Center for Gynecologic Cancer on the 3rd floor (west) in the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine.  Our translational and basic research program is located in the Smilow Center for Translational Research, immediately adjacent to the Perelman Center, and the Biomedical Research Building. These state of the art facilities encourage our "bench to bedside" approach to ovarian cancer and support our multidisciplinary approach to patient care and research.

To learn more about our program, our team and ovarian cancer, click on the links below:

Research and Clinical Team

Research Team

Clinical Research Team

  • Andrew Best
  • Vijaya Dandamudi
  • Euihye Jung
  • Jessica Marchesi
  • Sureya Sufian
  • Qunrui Ye, PhD

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