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About the Scheie Eye Institute

The Scheie Eye Institute, founded by Harold G. Scheie in 1972, is a leader in the field of ophthalmological research, education and patient care.

Our physician-scientists focus on translational research ranging in topic from age-related macular degeneration to glaucoma to retinitis pigmentosa.

Our full-time residency and fellowship program is devoted to training 15 residents and 8 fellows to become lead­ers in the future of ophthalmology. In fact, Scheie was the first institute to receive a training grant in Ocular Genetics and Bioinformatics from the National Institutes of Health. This will enable us to train scientists and ophthalmologists to interpret the huge amount of genetic information which will become available to us within the next five years as whole genome sequencing becomes widely affordable.

The Scheie Eye Institute employs 60 physicians and researchers to consult and treat eye problems of every kind. Last year alone Scheie received 81,129 patient visits. We have three locations in the city of Philadelphia, and locations in Radnor, and Media Pennsylvania.



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