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It all began with donations.  Dr. Scheie started the Scheie Eye Institute with a dream and donations from his benefactors. The Friends of Scheie were instrumental in creating the World Class organization that we have become.  We graciously thank you all!!!

Gifts to Scheie can be made in a variety of ways and can be directed to the program of your choice, or to support the research of a particular physician or scientist.

Every gift leads us a step closer to our goal of finding a treatment or cure for blindness and vision loss. All gifts to Scheie Eye Institute are welcomed and appreciated.

Current Projects

Currently, we have a number of research projects active now at various locations within our Institute.  Please see below under Specific Funds to find out more.

Giving Opportunities

Unrestricted Gifts
These gifts allow the department Chair to direct the funds to where they are most needed.

Endowments and Professorships
Contributions that form the basis of endowments last in perpetuity and may support a specific area of research or a named professorship.

Contributions support lectureships or educational facilities, such as computer learning, medical libraries or classrooms. An example is the David Kozart Memorial Fund which supports resident education through an annual clinical conference.

Research on a Specific Disease
Gifts can be designated to support research in general or research on a particular disease or condition such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, or childhood diseases that cause blindness.

In Honor or Memory of Your Loved One or Doctor
Gifts can be made in honor of your physician or in honor or memory of whomever you choose. Gifts made in honor of a Scheie physician will go to support his or her research, if applicable.

Specific Funds

Gifts can be made to Specific Funds by clicking on the links below. If you do not see a link to the research project/physician that you wish to support, please click on the General Scheie donation link and specify to whom or to where you would like the funds to be applied and we will make certain that the appropriate research receives your donation.

General/Scheie Eye Teaching & Research Fund


CAROT (in support of Dr. Bennett & Maguire)


Glaucoma Research Fund


Center for Hereditary Retinal Degenerations Gift Fund (in support of Dr. Jacobsen)


Retina Gift Fund (in support of Dr. Kim)


Brucker Retina Research Fund (in support of Dr. Brucker


Dry Eye Program Fund (in support of Dr. Massaro)


THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR GENEROSITY  - We couldn't do it without YOU!!!


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