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University of Pennsylvania Health System

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Ophthalmology Education



Clinical Electives

Dr. Sankar with studentsOP300 Clinical Ophthalmology
Four weeks; full-time. One c.u.
Prerequisite: Ophthalmology 200
Dr. Prithvi S. Sankar and staff


Students participate fully in the activities of the department. Students will examine patients at Scheie Eye Institute, HUP, CHOP, and VAMC. They will attend resident conferences and student-oriented didactic sessions.

Special attention will be paid to the acquisition of skills such as measuring visual function and using the ophthalmoscope and slit lamp. Participation in the operation room is a part of this elective.

After initial orientation, students may choose to focus in areas of their special interest. The course is flexible to accommodate the student’s interest. Exposure to all subspecialties of ophthalmology is available.



OP301 Pediatric Ophthalmology
Four weeks, full time, course not offered in July; one c.u.
Prerequisite: Ophthalmology 300
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Dr. Monte Mills and staff


For medical students interested in an in-depth experience in pediatric ophthalmology, a four-week, full time elective at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will include clinical diagnoses in management of pediatric ophthalmic disorders including observation of pediatric ophthalmic surgery.

Students will rotate with pediatric ophthalmologists and pediatric oculoplastic surgeons in the clinics, operating rooms and inpatient consultations.

This elective is designed for students interested in ophthalmology, who have a special interest in pediatric ophthalmology or students interested in other related pediatric disciplines.



NE340 Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology
Four weeks; fall, spring, and summer; full-time; one or two c.u.'s.
Pre-requisite: Neurology 200, Ophthalmology 200 and approval


Students will actively participate in the busy outpatient, inpatient (consultative) and surgical practices, full-time faculty members comprising the Penn Division of Neuro-ophthalmology serving HUP, Scheie Eye Institute and CHOP.

Attendance at the biweekly neuro-ophthalmology conference will be expected. Clinical research projects will be available and encouraged.

Only one student per month; preference given to Penn Medical students.