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Ophthalmology Education

Interested in a Career in Ophthalmology?

Ophthalmology is the ideal career choice for students who are interested in, pursuing a specialty that includes a broad scope of practice including medicine and surgery, treatment of pediatric and adult patients, and primary care as well as highly specialized treatment.

To find out more about a career in Ophthalmology visit Penn Medicine's Career Counseling website.

Clinical Neuroscience Track (CNST)

As the eye is a sensory organ of the central nervous system, ophthalmology is also an excellent career choice for students interested in clinical neurosciences.  Medical students interested in ophthalmology are eligible to participate in the Clinical Neuroscience Track (CNST) developed by the Perelman School of Medicine to enhance student exposure to the neurosciences through a multidisciplinary approach.  Please visit the CNST website ( for more information.

The Perelman School of Medicine developed the Clinical Neuroscience Training Program (CNST) to enhance medical students' exposure to the neurosciences while pursuing studies for the Doctor of Medicine degree. The CNST is aimed at training clinical neuroscientists who will eventually participate on the forefront of academic practice and research.