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The Pennsylvania Hospital has been involved in every war in which our country has participated. In the French-Indian War (1754-1763) both wounded and ill soldiers were cared for. During the Revolutionary War, particularly in the severe winter of 1777-1778, the British occupied Pennsylvania Hospital. Later, when the British were in retreat, the Hospital received sick and wounded soldiers from the Colonial armies.

In 1861, The State's Surgeon General's Office made arrangements for casualties of the Civil War to be admitted to Pennsylvania Hospital. The Hospital received the ill, suffering mostly from infections and fevers, and wounded from the Spanish-American War.

H.G. & E.B. Krumbhaar, 1918
H.G. & E.B. Krumbhaar, 1918

In response to the dire needs of the First World War efforts, the Pennsylvania Hospital established Pennsylvania Base Hospital #10, initially made up of 23 physicians and 64 nurses, the majority from Pennsylvania Hospital. The Chief Nurse was Margaret A. Dunlap, R.N. who was the Directress of Nurses at Pennsylvania Hospital. On May 19th, 1917, the unit sailed for overseas duty, the first organized body of U.S. soldiers to leave Phildelphia. After a short stay in England, the Unit was assigned to LeTreport, France, where it took over the British General Hospital #16.

George Norris "Back at the old 
Pennsylvania, December 1918"
George Norris "Back at the old Pennsylvania, December 1918"

Organized as part of the War Department's Protective Mobilization Plan during World War II, the Pennsylvania Hospital 52nd Evacuation Hospital saw action in the Pacific Theater.

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