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Section II. Series I - Administrative Records, 1830s-1997 + [n.d.].

The administrative records of the collection, consisting of approximately 40 linear feet of material, contain information related to the general operation of the Institute from its inception and throughout its history. They include broad information, such as yearly reports about the successes and challenges the institution faced, as well as minutia, including record books detailing employee wages and even meteorological information on the Philadelphia area in the 1840s. Clearly, the scope of this series is quite broad.

The administrative records of the collection are divided into thirteen subseries to facilitate access. These subseries include:

Subseries A: Operational Reports, 1843-1994
(Board of Managers' records and general reports) - Mainly annual reports, and monthly reports handwritten by Thomas Story Kirkbride. This subseries provides the most comprehensive information pertaining to the operation of the Institute.

Subseries B: Managers' Records, 1841-1981
Minutes of Manager's meetings, detailing the monthly operations of the institution, as well as the meeting minutes of specific Board committees.

Subseries C: Construction/ Building Maintenance, 1835-1976 + [n.d.]
Details the efforts and specific details surrounding the growth and evolution of the institution's physical premises. Many of the records document the construction of the North Building.

Subseries D: Financial/ Steward's Records, 1839-1977 + [n.d.]
Specific financial records concerning funding, expenditures, budgets, etc. The Steward's record books include information specific to patient accounts, including names in some instances. These records also offer statistics about activities on the patient wards.

Subseries E: Employee Information/Personnel, 1841-1996 + [n.d.]
Contains both personnel files for medical staff members, and general information pertaining to employee policies and employment regulations.

Subseries F: Patient Care Information, 1836-1979 + [n.d.]
Contains no specific patient information, only general information on the care of patients at the Institute. Includes information about various treatment options that were available to patients, for example, adolescent treatment programs, and alcohol and drug treatment.

Subseries G: Committees and Groups, 1956-1983
Details the activities of many committees and groups which operated within the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane.

Subseries H: Medical Library Records, 1946-1996 + [n.d.]
Details the history and general operation of the Hospital's Medical Library, from inventories to correspondence.

Subseries I: Event Coordination, (1959-1976), 1991
Includes information on the coordination of several events sponsored by the Institute, including the Strecker Award Ceremony and Lecture.

Subseries J: Legal Affairs, 1854-1965, Box 114
Consists of information pertaining to legal cases affecting the Institute or the field of psychiatry.

Subseries K: Research, 1939-1978, Box 115
Contains information on research projects conducted at the Institute, or by Institute affiliated staff members.

Subseries L: Institutional Memorabilia, 1836-1983 + [n.d.], Boxes 116-117
Brochures, Mementos, Newsclippings, etc. celebrating the existence of the Institute.

Subseries M: General Information, 1833-1992 + [n.d.]Meteorological records, visitors' registers, general correspondence, and information about other asylums.

Of all the series in the Institute Collection, the Administrative records provide the broadest and most comprehensive information pertaining to the facility and its functional purpose. Though the dates of the series are inclusive from the 1830s to 1997, there is only a smattering of records from the 1910s to the 1950s. It is unclear why this gap exists, or where the materials may exist, if they still do.

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