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Section II. Series III - The Institute School of Nursing, 1908-1974 + [n.d.]

The School of Nursing at the Institute began as two schools, a school for women and a school for men. Only a few years after it began, the School for Women at the Institute was dissolved, and the School of Nursing for Women at the Department for the Sick and Injured at Eighth Street served as the only women's school affiliated with the Pennsylvania Hospital. The School of Nursing for Men continued to operate at the Pennsylvania Hospital's West Philadelphia campus until the mid-1960s, when the School for Men and the School for Women at 8th Street merged.

The records of the School of Nursing at the Department for Mental and Nervous Diseases consist of three subseries:

Subseries A: Administrative Files, 1917-1974 + [n.d.]
Describes the overall functioning of the School of Nursing for Men, containing information on the school's curriculum and policies, as well as correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, etc. General information about the daily operation of the school can be found in this record group.

Subseries B: Affiliate Program in Psychiatric Nursing--Administrative Records, 1941-1974 + [n.d.]
Contains similar information as the overall school of nursing administrative files, such as curriculum info, policies, correspondence, and reports. This program allowed student nurses from other nursing schools to come to the Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital and take a several week course in the specific field of psychiatric nursing. The affiliate program began shortly after the School of Nursing itself, and lasted until 1974 - even after the merger of the Men's and Women's Schools. Thousands of men and women completed the affiliate program during the course of its existence.

Subseries C: Student Records, 1908-1974
The largest subseries within Series III - indeed, the largest group of paper documents within the entire Institute Collection, consists of both group records and individual permanent records. Several groups of students have been recognized within this subseries, including male and female graduates of the School at the Institute, non-graduates, affiliate students, affiliate post-graduates, etc. Most of these records offer excellent genealogical information on each of the students. Most of the students' permanent records include detailed reports of the students' behavior, character, and intellect, and many records contain personal correspondence.

Due to the close relationship between the schools at both campuses, additional information on both schools can be found in the Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing Collection.

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