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Section I, Series 10. Pennsylvania Hospital Nursing Collection, 1876-1995.

World War I, U.S Base Hospital No. 10, Le Treport, France, 1857 -1985 (MG 3.11, Boxes 1-13)

During World War I, the federal government’s Department of Military Relief formed a number of Red Cross Base Hospitals in Europe. Each participating hospital was asked to raise funds to equip a 500 bed facility and provide trained staff. In 1917, Pennsylvania Hospital established U.S. Hospital Base No. 10, attached to the British Expeditionary Force in Le Treport, France. A history of this unit is detailed in the book History of the Pennsylvania Hospital Unit in the Great War by Paul Hoeber (1921). The wide assortment of logbooks, letters, photographs, personal papers and mementos provide additional insight into the work and lives of the Pennsylvania Hospital nurses who volunteered for duty.

  • Box 1 contains logs of daily nursing activities from 1917-1919.
  • Box 2 contains a nurse's diary, which records the details of daily life at Base Hospital No. 10. The papers of Eva Gerhard Hart, assistant chief nurse, include photographs, her military ID tags and a diary. Reminiscences of other Hospital Base personnel are also included.
  • Boxes 3 and 4 contain papers, news clippings, photographs, mementos and correspondence of Helen Grace McClelland. Mementos include a small piece of shrapnel and the remains of the WWI helmet and bloodstained handkerchief worn by Miss McClelland.
  • Box 5 contains correspondence from McClelland to her family in Ohio. The letters date from Dec.1915, and continue between February 1917 and February 1919.
  • Box 6 contains an album of postcards and photographs of the American Ambulance Hospital, Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine, December 1915-July 1916.
  • Box 7 contains a similar album from U.S. Hospital Base No. 10 in Le Treport.
  • Box 8 houses the photographs from four albums that document numerous views Base No. 10, its surroundings and the activities of its medical staff.
  • Boxes 9-11 contain materials collected by Anna Dean Murphy, including numerous photographs and a WWI helmet.
  • Boxes 12 and 13 contain artifacts, which include a blood pressure gauge, bookends, a silk American flag, and a medicine case.

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