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Section I, Series 3. Administration, 1754-1960.

In its earliest years, the Hospital was administered by a Matron or by a Steward or by a steward and matron working together. At this time the Steward often doubled as the Apothecary. After 1760, however, the Steward emerged as the highest executive officer of the Hospital. He took charge of disbursements for routine expenditures and of the supervision of the housekeeping staff and other employees, responsibilities which increased as the Hospital grew; and by the middle of the nineteenth century he had begun to play a role in policy-making. Reflecting the change in emphasis of the job, the title was changed at the end of the century, first to "Steward and Superintendent," then to "Superintendent," and by 1929 to "Administrator." The chief executive officers of the Hospital, regardless of their titles, were always appointed by the Board and served at its pleasure.

Attending Managers' Monthly Reports, 1842 - 1915.

Linen Room Records, 1901 - 1922, in three volumes: 1901 - 1913; 1913 - 1917; 1917 - 1922.

Store Room Records, 1901 - 1921, in five volumes: 1901 - 1905; 1905 - 1909; 1909 - 1913; 1913 - 1917; 1917 - 1921.

Central Supply Record Book, 1933.

Pennsylvania Hospital Inventory Books, ca.1923 - 1924. Quantities on hand, quantities given out. Three volumes.

Record of distribution of Aprons, Towels, Face cloths, etc., among Staff, Nurses, Officers, Wards, etc., in three volumes: 1905 - 1908, 1909 - 1910, 1914 - 1917.

Steward of Hospital for the Insane. Receipt Book for board of patients, July 9, 1849 - Jan. 2, 1862.

Steward. Miscellaneous papers, mounted in large sheets, without apparent plan. Ten pieces (damaged due to pasting).

Steward. Miscellaneous papers, ca. 1880 in one box.

Superintendent-Steward. Monthly reports to the Board of Managers, 1881, 1892 - 1901, in one box. Similar material is filed in Board of Managers. Miscellaneous papers, 1880 - 1928.

Superintendent- Steward of the Department for the Insane. Monthly Reports of the Board of Managers, 1881, 1892 - 1901 (incomplete) and undated. For earlier reports see Board of Managers. Miscellaneous papers, 1751 - 1860. For other reports see PH Archives, Series I. Miscellaneous Administrative Records. Also, Board of Managers. Miscellaneous papers, 1880 - 1928.

Cash Book, X-Ray Department , 1919 - 1923, in two volumes.

Mail Office Book, 1919 - 1921, in one volume.

Paymaster's Account Books, 1921 - 1922, intwo volumes. Kept by T. D. Hendricks and E. M. Gilmore.

Elevator Operators, 1929 - 1931. Time Book for elevator operators.

Admission Desk Receipts, 1921 - 1923, in three volumes.

Administrative files, ca. 1939 - 1946, of material relating to World War II, in four boxes.

Administrative files, 1940, of general correspondence, in five boxes.

Administrative files, 1950 - 1960, of general correspondence

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