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Section I, Series 4. Medical Staff, C.1750-1975.

List of medical students entitled to privilege of attending practice and use of the Library, 1814 - 1887, in two volumes. For students, see also lists at end of Attending Managers' Accounts for 1789 - 1815.

Notebook of Benjamin Morris, ca. 1750. In box.

Lecture notes taken by (Reading Beatty?), 1779 - 1783, in one volume.

Memorandum Book kept by Benjamin Horner Coates, 1793, in one volume.

Notes from Dr. Physick's lectures, taken by Constans Curtin in winters of 1807 - 1808, 1808 - 1809.

Notebook kept by Thomas Chalkley James, 1814 - 1818: list of his students, selected weather observations, titles of lectures in his course on obstetrics. See also his scrapbooks of mortality tables.

Lecture notes taken from Mr. (Samuel?) Cooper's surgical lectures, Oct. 7 - (Nov. 16?), 1818.

Lecture notes taken at Medical Clinic, 1847 - 1848, Dr. (George B. ) Wood, in one volume.

John H. Gibbon. M.D. Diploma, Jefferson Medical College, 1891.

Joseph Parrish. Memorabilia, 1802 - 1837.

General material, loose papers: rules for appointment of staff, lists of pupils, University of Pennsylvania's proposal for Hospital teaching, application of women students, etc. In one box, arranged chronologically. Followed by material on individual apothecaries. Material ca. 1752 - 1858.

Material on individual physicians: applications, resignations, correspondence, etc. In three boxes, arranged alphabetically by names of physicians, prefaced by typed list of names included. Material ca. 1773 - 1859.

Bradbury, Dr. Samuel. Out-patient Department. Director's Notebook, 1928 - 1931, in one volume. Kept by Bradbury.

Coates, Benjamin Horner. Diploma of five years' service.

Course Book, 1888, in one volume.

Fisher, Henry MI Notebook, 1881 - 1889, in one volume.

Medical Staff, Lists of, Compiled ca. 1891, one volume.

Medical Staff--Obstetrics and Gynecology. Minutes and correspondence, 1929 - 1950, in seven volumes and one box. Continuation from Phila, Lying-in Charity. The seven volumes (loose-leaf) contain minutes. The box contains correspondence, visitors' registers, miscellaneous and loose material removed from minute book for 1924 - 1929.

For earlier records of above, see Series 8: Affiliates.

Phila. Lying-in Charity. Medical Staff. Minutes, 1924 - 1929, in one volume.

Physicians. Individual - Applications, acknowledgments, resignations, correspondence. Arranged by last name of physician.

Medical Staff. Resolutions, ca. 1902 - 1910, in one volume.

Meigs, Arthur V. Hospital Notes, 1880 - 1894, in five boxes.

Gibbons, John H. M.D. Memorabilia, donated by Mrs. Winthrop H. Bartles (Battles?) (1420 Locust Street).

Mitchell, Charles Franklin. Diplomas and Certificates, arranged chronologically:

Charles Franklin Mitchell. Base Hospital 10 collection, one box. Donated by Miss Anne F. Mitchell, daughter of C.F. Mitchell. Includes:

Out-patient Department. Physicians' Attendance Records, 1908 - 1927, in seven volumes.

Packard, Francis Randolph. Medical Historical Society of the Pennsylvania Hospital. Minutes, 1931 - 1941, in one volume.

Packard, Francis Randolph, Diary, 1881 - 1919. Original typed manuscripts, and photocopies up to 1919.

R. Packard. Reprints of thirteen of his approximately forty published scientific articles. Covers 1897 - 1916, arranged chronologically. Including:

Francis R. Packard. Reprints of 27 of his approximately 97 published Historical articles. Covers 1902 - 1949. Arranged chronologically.

Francis R. Packard. Bound book of 23 of his Reprints. (Book A) Covers 1897 - 1905. Not in chronological order.

Francis R. Packard. Bound books of nineteen of his Off-prints, (Book C.) Covers 1897-1905, not in chronological order.

Francis R. Packard. Bound Book of 20 of his Off-prints. (Book D.) Covers 1885-1903, not in chronological order.

Francis R. Packard. 12 original ink-wash drawings of anatomy, of which at least 10 are part of a series of at least 38 drawings. None are dated. Including:

The following were numbered by Packard:

Francis R. Packard, Memorabilia. Including:

Francis, R. Packard. Papers of Miss Florence M. Greim, Secretary to Administrator, concerning publication of Dr. Packard's History of the Pennsylvania Hospital. Including:

History of Pennsylvania Hospital. Lectures prepared by Miss Greim, prior to 1954. Donated by Miss Joyce Cooper.

Photograph Album, ca. 1890, in 1 volume.

Resident Physicians. Memorabilia, 1900-1975, in 1 volume.

Wilson, Dr. T. C. A Record of cases treated by Hot Air apparatus, 1897 - 1898, in one volume. Kept by Wilson.

Pennsylvania Hospital History System (two identical copies). Describes standard system of Pennsylvania Hospital for taking patient Histories. Dated June, 1927.

Smith, Samuel B., Student of Medicine, 1807

Loulher, James M., Artis Medicinae Doctorem, 1865.

Souther, James. M., Artis Medicinae Doctorem, 1865. Unable to locate.

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